Hello I am Udita Saklani . I am a full time working professional at an I.T. Firm .I also have a little baby girl named Varanya a.k.a Zuzu.Currently I am based out of Delhi .I love reading, collecting stationery(yes I still love the smell of new books,collecting new pens  ,pencils and crayons) , and clicking pictures.

I went into blogging , because as a child I loved writing , and I felt with career and now motherhood, it got lost somewhere.So to bring out the long lost treasure of writing and reading I initiated this.Also I should get all these skills in place , because once when Varanya gets a year older , I would certainly need to have my mind full of stories or rather bed time stories to put her to sleep or to feed her with something that is very nutritive in value but not very pleasing to her tastebuds.

So I would call ‘Withlovezuzu ‘ as my second baby after Zuzu.I started this , with the intent of sharing my daily musings and how I juggle my life between office and the little one.In this blog I would be sharing my daily experiences, and sharing some of the tips which I followed when Zuzu was an infant.Like every mother this journey too is full of ups and downs , and I would like to share all of them with fellow mommies.

Hope you like the blog, so tag along.