Searching for the Perfect Wipes? -Do this simple Home Test

‘What would a new parents life be without a stash of baby wipes’ – It is not a famous quote, but I just drafted it and feel, most mothers swear by this.

As a new mother, we spend hours googling the best diapers, rash cream for our newborn. But have we ever thought what goes in the making of a baby wipe? I am sure the most common answer would be – We generally pick any wipes. All because it comes in contact with the baby’s skin only for a few nanoseconds may be!


But have you thought of incorporating a gentle care in baby wipes as well? It is not only a soiled diaper which can result in rashes. A low-quality wipe can result in allergies and rashes. Not changing diapers for a longer period of time is mostly considered a developing sign of rashes. But apart from that, there are many reasons as to why your child might be developing a rash or a skin infection. Therefore it is important to know what goes into the making of baby wipes.

That leaves us to the question, how to find out of the wipes you are using are actually safe for your baby’ s skin or not? No wonder we keep going back to the good old traditional method of cleaning. I am sure all our mums swear by using a soft cotton cloth along with warm water for cleaning the diaper area.
While most wipes claim to be made from the best and natural ingredients, here is one more way by which you can actually fond out the quality of wipes being used. I am sure as mothers we read every possible ingredient be it baby soap , wash or a shampoo. Well then why leave behind baby wipes ? Let us perform a simple test to find out the qualoity of the wipes we use.


Most brands use polyester in their baby wipes, and that is something which made me baffled. why baffled? Because we ensure that our newborn or infant is wrapped in soft clothes like cotton, muslin, but on the other hand we use polyester based wipes? A stark contrast of our own beliefs – right?

Let me take you through this simple flame test I performed with Mother Sparsh wipes and a popular brand wipes which I had been using for my little one for roughly over two years now.

Steps for performing the flame test:

Take a candle and try burning one end of the Mother Sparsh water-based wipes. I found out that the wipes just burnt off like a normal paper would do, and hence did not leave any blackish residue. It almost felt like a paper being burnt. Nor was there any pungent vapor, fumes or smell associated with it.

On the other hand, the popular brand wipes I was using for a little over two years, smelled more like a plastic being burnt. It also left a black residue which refused to burn off completely so unlike paper.

Hence Mother Sparsh wins hands down as one of the best wipes available in the market as they are gentle and mild when it comes to being in contact with a new born’s skin.


The baby wipe care range from Mother Sparsh is extremely soft and feels almost like a muslin cloth. This particular quality makes it one of the best choice for the soft, newborn’s skin. Since these wipes burnt off completely without leaving any foul smell, it means they pass the test of biodegradability as well! A thumbs up for that as well.

These wipes are 98 % water based. They are free from parabens and alcohol as well. They are also pH balanced which means restoring the Ph balance of the skin which becomes high after a soiled diaper change.

Even though Zuzu has outgrown the diaper stage, yet I feel I haven’t outgrown the baby wipes stage. And I don’t think I ever will. There are a host of other places also where these baby wipes come to my rescue. Many times we are on road trips wherein we have little or no access to proper water for cleaning hands. That is exactly where baby wipes have been nothing short of a savior to me.

In fact, since the flame test just proved that they are completely safe and natural, I can now go one step ahead and remove my super stubborn eye make-up also with these wipes! Talk about a multi-tasking mom! And voila we find can find n number of solutions from just one tool!


Currently, these wipes are available at all leading e-Commerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, FirstCry, Paytm, and at multiple retail outlets. To buy Mother Sparsh  water-based baby wipes click here :





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