My reason for choosing the eco-friendly wipes by MotherSparsh

As I am getting older, the more I am realizing the importance of having the perfect sync with nature. The day I conceived I realized the importance of having natural products. The products were either naturally derived from plant sources or had little or no chemical in them.
The decision comes as a conscious part, because no matter what we did to our bodies in the past, now that we are pregnant, we want to be double sure of everything. This includes everything right from the food we eat to the skin products we use. Suddenly we develop a profound love for natural or which is naturally derived.

The same legacy goes forward when we welcome our newborn into the world. Our love for everything natural goes to a different level altogether. A very good example is when for the first few days we give milk baths to our baby and try to avoid water as much as we can.

No wonder in the initial few days we try to use only homemade cloth nappies for the newborn. Also as people are getting more aware and environmentally conscious, they are shifting to cloth diapering.
Another important information which most parents are missing out on is the baby wipes we use for various purposes.


Baby wipes can very well be called the biggest discovery. I can call myself lucky enough to be born in an era where baby wipes are so easily available. REwind to the time when I was a newborn, things weren’t that easy. My mom tells me that she used a soft and a damp cotton cloth for wiping and cleaning. While a cloth is the best solution and is completely safe. But it is not always handy and acts as a deterrent while traveling. That is exactly where a baby wipe comes to the rescue.
Almost all moms take care of the diapers they will be using for their newborn, but have we ever wondered what quality and what is the material of the baby wipes we use in the most nonchalant manner?

That brings us to the topic, that there are times when polyester and other fabric which might not be comfortable for the baby’s skin is used to make wipes. We take utmost care towards the fragrance if any in the wipes, but what about the fabric which goes into its making?


The fabric is one of the key factors to be kept in mind when one thinks of good quality wipes. There are lots of brands who are now shifting to bamboo wipes these days. The baby care wipes from MOTHERSPARSH is born with the same concept in mind.

The baby wipes from MOTHERSPARSH are water-based wipes. They are clinically tested and prevents rashes and allergies. The wipes are water-based and are made from a plant derivative which makes it 100 % biodegradable. In fact, when I just mentioned that nothing beats a soft damp cotton cloth when it comes to cleaning a baby’s bum, Mother Sparsh can very well be called a brand made along similar lines. We want the best for our babies and nothing beats a natural substitute.

As mothers, we all tend to use only cotton clothing for our newborns or little ones. The most important governing factor for that is the breathability factor of cotton. Cotton is an extremely soft fabric and hence perfect for a newborn; skin. Then why not consider the fabric of the wipes also into consideration. Most wipes available in the market are polyester based and can cause rashes and allergies. The plant-based derivative and water formula of Mother Sparsh baby wipes prevent rashes and not to forget is eco-friendly as well.


Frankly speaking, I am not a very big fan of fragrant wipes. That is because stronger the fragrance, more are the chances of additives in any skin care product. However, the MOTHER SPARSH WIPES come with a very mild distinct fragrance. The fragrance is very typical of an old perfume I remember using(can’t recall the name). The wipes are super soft and tear off very easily hence further clearing doubts that there might be polyester in them.


The Mother Sparsh wipes packet comes at a price of INR 195 for 80 wipes. I found it pretty reasonable given the fact that its environment-friendly and completely water and plant-based.


We have already moved way past the diaper stage, but I still buy baby wipes for many reasons. There are times when we are on the road and there is limited access to water, that is exactly where a baby wipe comes to my rescue. As much as road trips can be fun, they sure can make your car the most messiest place. Glad I have got Mother Sparsh Wipes to save my day.

The wipes are mildly fragrant and soft on the skin, thus making it one of my favorite brands to dote on.


Currently, these wipes are available at all leading e-Commerce portals such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, FirstCry, Paytm, and at multiple retail outlets. To buy Mother Sparsh  water-based baby wipes click here :


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