Palmers Mighty Mums Meet At FunderLandIndia

Exactly one week ago, I attended an event hosted by Palmers at FunderlandIndia. We are all well aware of Palmers as a brand in maternity skin car range. Personally, I am a big fan of their Tummy Butter Stretch Mark Cream. I had started using this cream from the third month itself. While I still have some stretch marks, but what I have observed is the fact that they are quite less. A point I would like to make here is no matter what, stretch marks would be there. But what you as an expecting mom can do is take better care of the expanding skin and belly and have fewer stretch marks post- delivery. Palmers does just that.

Coming back to the event. The event was hosted by FunderlandIndia. FunderlandIndia is an indoor activity-based play area for kids situated in North Delhi at Rajouri Garden. While it was a mommy-kids meetup, I chose not to take Zuzu, because of the sweltering heat we would have to bare because of the traveling time. Also for a change, I could have a ‘Me-time’ while catching up with my blogger friends. Most of the times I work from home, and Zuzu stays for the most part of the day with me only. So the event was a breather for me! Thank you PALMERS


The main aim of the meet-up was to get introduce moms to Palmers products. While most of us are well aware of their body buttercream but do you also know that they have an awesome Skin Therapy oil, which can resolve most of your skin’s woes. Urvashi, who is the communications director of Palmers India, introduced us mommies to this magical oil. She told us a that the multipurpose skin perfecting oil helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and pigmentation.

When women don the cape of motherhood, the last thing on their mind is taking good care of their skin. Many of us swear by the fact that there is hardly any time for self-care after the baby, leave alone self-pampering ( which looks like a long lost dream). That is exactly the foundation of Palmers Skin Therapy Oil. It is very light and you just need to dab a drop or two before you hit off for sleep.

The best and the most attractive part of this oil, even before someone uses it is its price! It is priced at just INR 525 for a 30 ml bottle. This comes across as a strict competition to one of the leading skin care brands whose price, frankly speaking, I found exorbitantly high! Yes, I wanted to try that, but couldn’t because of the price. I now plan to invest my night skincare regime with the Palmers Skin Therapy Oil.


At the event, we also got a chance to have an interactive-cum a chit-chat session with Dr. Mahima Bakshi. Dr. Mahima is a wellness and a fitness expert and also an actor. At the event, she spoke about her book ‘BirthingNaturally‘ – which covers a host of topics such as Exercising during pregnancy, Skin- Care e.t.c. She also spoke about incorporating wellness factor post delivery, because that is what most moms miss and end up having post-partum depression.

Moms came up with a varied range of questions which revolved around the postnatal health of both mom and baby. This was then followed by a small quiz, in which two lucky moms got their hands on Mahima’s recently launched book – Birthing Naturally.



The MightyMum x Palmers Meet up was hosted at a wonderful place by the name of FunderlandIndia. If I were to tell you, moms, the truth, I had no idea what exactly was an indoor play area. Frankly speaking, they are still developing in a country like India, which is only used to outdoor fairs or play area for kids. But with growing temperatures outside and the need of an out of the box and one of its kind of play zones, the indoor areas are great for parents like these days.

FunderlandIndia has separate areas for babies, toddlers, and older children up to 10 comprising of the giant spiral, drop and wavy slides, basketball area, ball pool, trampolines, mega multi-lane slide. It also has a small seating area where parents can just relax or even work for that matter. All you need to do is to let your kid in the play area, so that you can spend some time with your better half there only or a fun day out with your mommy friends. It can also act as a great space for organizing a small birthday party as well. Attaching some pics for your reference as well. So Delhi moms if you are looking for that perfect play area which is safe and has state of the art cutting edge play area, then FUNDERLANDINDIA is where your search will end.

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