Brushing Is Fun, And Not To Forget Safe Too- Mamaearth Toothpaste For Kids

Brushing is one of the first life skills we teach to our children as they start growing up and start understanding of the things around them. I prefer to call brushing a life skill because in this we are asking them to hold their brushes all by themselves. Now isn’t that the first step towards independence.

Zuzu has pretty decent teeth if I had to go by the books. And if I go back in time, I consider myself lucky enough, allowing to the fact that I didn’t even realize when did her first tooth pop out. I call myself blessed in that case when I listen to teething troubles my friend’s little one is going through at the moment! Ouch, that definitely hurts.

Some of the fun activities which our children can learn by brushing teeth are as below :

1. When children try to squeeze toothpaste out of the tube, they are working on their fine motor development. Even though there will be multiple spillages and accidents, but don’t you think it’s all worthwhile?

2. Every morning I try to build up an imaginary story around brushing which makes Zuzu eagerly wait for brushing her teeth every morning.

3. Since each member of the family owns a brush of a different color, it helps Zuzu identify her own brush and also learn colors at the same time. I guess now everyone knows, as long learning is fun, it’ll keep the child’s interest alive.

Now coming to the main reason for writing the blog. I want to congratulate Mamaearth for coming up with innovative and well thought of solutions for mommies and our little ones. Mamaearth is one such brand which has really made me conscious about the brands and compelled me into reading of labels of each and every product i pick up off the counter of a super market store.


As a human race, we are all up for promoting organic and more natural things when it comes to both food and the products we use on our skin. But have we ever given a thought as to what all ingredients go inside a toothpaste?

And if we go by the safety standard, don’t you think a child’s toothpaste also needs the much-deserved attention. It’s all because they take in their mouth and 9 out of ten times end up swallowing it.

Toothpaste can also contain sulfur- did you know this?

The Mamaearth toothpaste is :

Fluoride Free
SLS Free
100 % natural

I am happy for the fact that the toothpaste does not have any fluoride or SLS content so that just in case Zuzu gulps it down, it is absolutely safe and nothing to worry about. It is formulated with high-quality ingredients like Xylitol, Aloe Vera, and Stevia.


A 50 g tube is priced at a decent rate of INR 149, which as per me is a great price. Given the fact that so much has been taken care of when it comes to the active ingredients present in the product, I really do not mind shelling out that amount.


As a parenting blogger and as a parent who is trying and striving hard to become a conscious human being, I believe Mamaearth as a brand has only helped me in achieving those goals.
I would thus congratulate Mamaearth for coming up with another very well curated product for kids. Therefore it gets a complete 5/5 from us.

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