Mamaearth Milky Soft Cream for Babies-Review

We have reached half way down in the month of March and spring is also here. Just like there is a routine for packing the woolens off to make room for a summer wardrobe, same goes for our skin as well. Now that I am mother, just taking care and preparing my own skin for the upcoming summer days isn’t sufficient enough. In case you are new to my blog, and landed here for the very first time, then let me tell you, just like any mother, my world first starts with Zuzu in my mind. So for Zu as well, I had to look for a cream which wasn’t as oily as a winter cream, but should also keep the skin nourished and moisturized for a decent amount of time.

I am so glad that MamaEarth Milky Soft Cream just came to my rescue. This might as well leave you wondering, what was I suing for the past three years. Well Zu’s skin has been particularly dry and gets patchy sometimes even in summers for sthe past three years. But off lately I see that thing improving,and thankfully we can now shift to a les soily skin. I mean her skin does not require the same cream which we had been using earlier.


If you are still sticking to my blog, thanks you did! You might have as well found , what I loved the most about this new cream by Mamaearth. I will be coming to that in the later part of the post but first let us talk about Mamaearth, because why not?
If I go back in time, I can very well recall, that Mamaearth was the very first colaboration I did , not very long ago in December ‘2016. So just before trying out their products , I had done my recce of what exactly is ‘Made Safe’ and why is there such a hullaboo around it.
No wonder a mom does so much research for her baby , that she can do a better job than the FBI. So when I found out about ‘Made Safe ‘ technique and all about it. I decided to use Mamaearth products for Zu. Of course initially when I had to try the products I used to do a skin test on myself for at least 4 days . After successful patch test on my skin, I would then use it on Zu.

I am glad I made the shift to Mamaearth products.



The baby cream comes in a sturdy plastic pump bottle . I loved the pump dispensing bottle , because of the fact that it is travel friendly. With tubes , there is a high chance of the cream getting spilled out. This thing obviously won’t happen in a pump bottle ,as there is an additional plastic cap to give double safety.  Another thing which is not to be missed and catches the fancy of a kids’ eye are their cutesy animal prints. The pump dispenser is a boon for a family who frequently travels or is always on the go.


The milky soft baby cream has  very smooth and fine texture. It takes a little while to glide into the skin, but once done , it feels as if nothing went in. This is one property I really liked about this baby cream, that it is light enough to glide into the kids’ skin and literally makes the skin super light and non sticky.
The fragrance is pretty much similar to the body lotion. I will again tell here that the smell reminds me of saunf or fennel as its known in English. Though a closer look at the product details, it reveals that it consists of chamomile and lavender oil.


1.It is mineral oil free. I think the prime reason why Mamaearth has become very ones’ favorite is because of this attribute only.
2.The fact that it gets absorbed in the skin thus making it feel super light and refreshed. We don’t want oily stuff for our babies-Do we?
3.It claims to provide relief from dry and chapped skin. It is also said to be super effective in curing eczema.
4.It contains murumuru butter which is highly emollient and moisturizing. Before this I didn’t knew what exactly was murumuru butter, and found out on Wikipedia only. Murumuru helps in forming a protective ;layer on the skin, at the same time taking care that it does not clog the pores.


We would give it a 4.6/5 which definitely means a Yay-Yay from our end. The only reason for not giving it full points is that they can still work on the fragrance. It gives me more of plant and a leafy kind of a fragrance- which is I would not a say a turn off, but they can come with more child friendly fragrance.


A 50 ml bottle is priced at I.N.R 399.



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