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It is  January’2018 already, and I couldn’t have found a better day . Well they all say ‘ the first day is like the first page of a new diary ‘ -Write it well! I took it a little too seriously. I was literally on a break all throughout the last month . With no blogs going up the previous month, I thought let’s just end it and start off the new year with some gifts! And why not? Because its a new year , and who doesn’t love gifts?

December is all about Christmas , parties , eating truck loads of foods and also  exchanging gifts. I am always looking out for numerous retailing websites for toys, trinkets and learning devices for Zuzu. Call it a habit or plain obsession with buying gifts, I end up buying at least one toy for Zuzu per month. And well December was no different . In fact it was the double whammy month with Christmas and New Year’ eve. That is when I came across a completely new website called SCIFT.COM .

Kids Clothes and a Lot More


When I heard about , I thought it to be just another website. In fact SCIFT was something about what I hadn’t ever heard of before. SCIFT is India’s first gift registry website. Ok! So before all of you get your grey cells working, let me explain what exactly is a Gift Registry. I really want to take the liberty of explaining this , as I spent a good amount of time understanding what it is,as its a fairly new thing here in India.

Different experiences to offer


If I were to explain it in simple words, a gift registry is a sort of a wish board where you can just stack up items of your choice . What makes this different from other e-commerce websites is the fact that once you have identified what all you want or need to purchase, you can just make a wish board of sorts on their site. Once you have made the wish list, it can now be shared with your friends or relatives, so that they know what exactly you need. When I started reading about gift registry , I realized that what an innovative idea is to have registries in first place.

A gift registry website , is one thing which will very well go down with an Indian audience, thanks to the big fat Indian wedding. Indian wedding can very well be regarded as one the biggest festival in any family. Couples often find themselves opening either repetitive gifts or certain things which they do not need at all. That is exactly where a gift registry website like SCIFT.COM comes to their rescue. Of course we all love surprise , but it will be even better if we got the gifts we actually wanted and which will be used in the near future and would not bite the dust off the shelves of our homes.

Exactly same situation applies at the time of arrival of a new born. The day the lady of the house conceives, she starts planning as to what to buy for the little one. The list for the little guest might be endless for the to-be mom. But what can be done here is that the mom-to- be can share her list of what she wants for the little ones with her family and friends. In this way the parents can get what they actually need for the baby and which are fruitful and helpful. This actually saves them from getting similar gifts or the ones which would never come to use.


Zuzu’s birthday is just two days from now, and I am glad that I found SCIFT.COM , well in time. Just like a wish list can be created for a new born, I created a wish list for Zuzu’s 3rd birthday. I then shared this with my friend who inturn got to know what exactly we wanted( we all love surprise gifts- but not repetitive gifts 😉 )

In addition to Zuzu, I also got a gift for myself, cos why not? A mommy needs a gift too( no matter if there isn’t an occasion)

The following items came in from our wish list we build at


Off lately I have become a great fan of wooden toys owing to the great amount of quality they exhibit and which is also far away from the noise of the battery operated toys. Zuzu loves pretend play and like every other kid she also has quite a number of pretend play sets in her toy kitty. When I saw the bread and jam butter set from Brainsmith India, I was determined to get it, as Zuzu doesn’t have kitchen pretend in wooden base. She has tonnes of them in plastic material, but none of them in wood.

The pretend play set from BrainsmithIndia is a great value for wooden toys available in the market and my little one enjoys it. These days I am trying really hard to control screen time and thus many toys are coming to my rescue. The bread and jam set is one of them


Before I became a mom, I had heard about dry shampoos only on TV commercials and print media. It was at that point of time , when I used to think that what is the requirement of a DRY SHAMPOO man? I mean like can’t we just shampoo like quite literally and get going? How wrong I was!! I guess it needed some calling for me, to use a dry shampoo 😉 . And that was MOTHERHOOD.

Shampooing my hair is a far fetched word, when I can’t even go to the loo in peace. #motherhoodhappens. There are times when I am unable to squeeze in time for shampooing my hair and I have to either go for events or better still to office and look sane! That is exactly how I plan to use the Batiste Dry Shampoo, either when I don’t have the time or I am too lazy to do a shampoo!


Subscription boxes are selling like hot cakes in the market these days ! Sometimes all I do is wonder as to where were these things when I was a kid! Both me and Zuzu have  tried most of the Kids’ Activity Subscription Boxes . Podsquad was something which was still left and I think only Scift could do it. Jokes apart , since we were yet to experience Podsquad, I quickly ordered the Podsquad Box for Zuzu’s 3rd birthday.

Zuzu making slime

We got the Slime box from Podsquad box, and Zuzu had fun making it and I had pretty hard time cleaning all the mess she had created ;-). But like they always say mess is merry. There are umpteen ways to make slime, but I have always heard its difficult to find the right consistency. That is exactly where the Slime Box from Podsquad box can solve all your problems. It comes with a small glue and the slime mixture. Not to forget the tools as well which includes the plastic utensils in which the slime can be easily made.


If you are well versed with shopping at e-commerce websites, then SCIFT is no tough job. There are various options to choose from such as Experiences, Nursery, Dress up, For the Mums, Give Back and Baby Care. If  you are shopping for your own self , then it’s pretty much the same. Going onto the gift registry part-You can add products which you wish for yourself or for your little one and then make a registry or a wish boards of sorts. Once done , you can then share it to your friends on social media. or through private messages.

The website provides a very rich user experience and is a great option if you are solely targeting gifts related to a certain point of time in the year.

The website has a wide array of brands to choose from . Some of the popular ones are Art’D’INox, cookie Pie co, Bumberry,Borosil, Podsquad, BrainsmithIndia. There is also an option of adding products from an external site , the link to which is readily made available on their website .


Overall , it was a very pleasant and wonderful experience browsing on the Scift website. India’s market is still comparatively newer to Gift Registry , but people are slowly understanding it. One of the major reasons why people sulk after birthdays and anniversaries is due to repetitive or unwanted gifts.

The steps are simple enough , which seemed complicated to me earlier: You just login to the website. Make an account and then start adding gifts to your registry. Once done, this registry can be shared via a private message as URL links to your friends and relatives . When they click on these URL’s they will land on SCIFT website only and from there they can easily purchase and checkout.

The website allows easy navigation and one can easily add products to their registry and then share it with their friends and family via any social media app. One more feature which is not worth missing on the website is ‘GIVE BACK’. It essentially involves certain activities where in you might want to help a certain section of the society. I feel that one is a GIFT TO THE SOCIETY! And why not?

We would give it a 4/5(deducting one mark because we want them to come up with more stuff). 
P.S. Given the little amount of time the website went live, it is doing well already and catering families across the country.

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own. I was sent the products by the brand to use and share my experience. The review holds my honest opinion and personal experience of accessing the website and using the products sent by them.


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