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Chikungunya and all that you need to know about it

Family time is by far the best time. Ask an adult, as to what does he miss the most? Pat comes the reply, it is the precious time he/she spends with his family during the weekends. Family time is all about catching up on those missed moments during the weekdays. While some families cook together, some do the entire weeks cleaning up of their homes, others still prefer going out. But what if even one of the member is down with Chikungunya?
Moms have it even tough to see their kids battling this illness. Seeing our kids down with an illness might be one of the last things a mom would want to imagine!

It is not always possible to ask kids to sit at home and play . Outdoor play is extremely important for the overall development and for understanding open spaces and the external environment as well. Along with dust , bugs, insect and mosquitoes is one thing which parents fear the most.

Chikungunya fever is caused by the bite of an infected female mosquito. These mosquitoes generally thrive in hot and humid conditions and generally breed in standing water.Presenting some facts around Chikungunya, its symptoms, cause, prevention and treatment.


1.The first few symptoms of Chikungunya will begin to appear after almost 4-5 days of the mosquito bite.The first sign is of course fever, but only a blood test can confirm the whether a person has chikungunya or not.

2.Pain in Joints- If there is complaint of crushing pain in joints, then there are high chances that it is a case of Chikungunya.

3.Rashes- While rashes among adults is not a very common thing, and might take one’s attention, but if your kid also develops rashes along with above said symptoms, don;t ignore and immediately head to get a blood test done.

4. Vomiting- This one is a bit tricky.Many times we might assume that the vomiting in kids might be due to a food , but care and utmost importance needs to be given if this comes up along with fever and joint pain.


Unfortunately the vaccine for chikungunya is still not developed yet, so the only option is either prevention or treatment if one gets affected by the virus.

Take Plenty of Rest – Just like any other ailment, recovery of chikungunya also depends on plenty of rest , which will give the body enough time to recover.

Drink Plenty of fluids – This should be done to prevent dehydration.

Natural ways- Papaya leaves paste also helps a great deal in recovering from chikungunya .


1.Use Goodknight Active + which will provide protection from mosquitoes all through the night. It provides protection in all corners of the room and ensures low electricity consumption is absolutely safe to use around children and family.

2.Natural Methods like Lavender Oil – While Lavender has found a place of permanence in body oils and soaps, it is one thing which mosquitoes don’t like. You can use lavender oil in candle diffusers or even better apply it on your body to ward off those evil mosquitoes.

3.Make outdoor play safe by applying Goodknight Roll on to your kids’ clothes. The Goodknight roll on consists of 100% pure citronella and eucalyptus oil and provides 8 hours of protection from mosquitoes. It is absolutely safe for infants and babies. If you still don’t want to apply it on their clothes, you can apply on your infants’ cot or pram.

4. Keep your surroundings clean– Since chikungunya is caused by a virus which is carried by an infected mosquito, it is advised to keep your neighborhood clean and free from diseases causing germs. Also get rid of stagnant water in and around your home as that is the number one breeding spot for mosquitoes.

So mommies or ladies of the house , don’t fret the mosquitoes. Just follow these simple tips which will go a great deal in keeping mosquitoes and Chikungunya at bay.




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