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If you have been following my blog posts and Instagram stories, then you must be knowing that I made a visit down south – to God’s Own country-Kerala . No, I am not doing any top 5 tips or anything of that sorts in this blog . So like I did something unique last time by choosing a topic which wasn’t related remotely to Zuzu, I will be doing same in this one as well. This post will be all about what I generally wear on holidays and with which most of you might find resonance as well. It is my ‘Vacation Outfit Ideas’.

This is the first blog of 2018 which I technically started on, but it got posted today(1-Feb-2018). And I thought why not start on something new? Cos it is a new year after all! I have never done fashion posts or any styling posts for that matter, and looks like I should finally do one. I plan to write at least two blogs per week now. This is the first written post of 2018. I hope I stick to what I just wrote.

So , as I go on and write my top holiday outfit ideas, you all are welcome to criticize or even praise it if you like it. But a complete warning before you actually head out to read it! I am no fashion blogger, nor have I ever studied fabrics in university. I generally go by my gut and usually wear what looks good and not to forget- is COMFORTABLE as well.

Whenever you are about to start for the packing , always keep in mind the weather of the city at the dates of travel. I say weather and not the season, because there are many times when you are going to a hot tropical destination and there might be chances of unexpected rain . So pack for summers but also keep in mind that there might be a sudden downpour as well. I say that , because a pure cotton dress might seem perfect for the hot summers, but just in case there is a prediction of rain you might want to wear something which will dry up soon in case you get wet. (So a mixed cotton and polyester dress or top would do)

So without further ado let me take you through my top picks for a vacation:


Culotte is one outfit which will still remain in trend in 2018. I discovered culottes way back in 2016 and I don’t see the that fashion taste dying inside me πŸ˜‰ . I still have those first culottes I purchased online from Myntra and bought a couple of more after that. My favorite one being from ‘United Colors Of Benetton’ .What makes culottes my number one pick for vacation is the fact that it is a Pyjama which is not a Pyjama . Strange description indeed πŸ˜‰ . The comfort is that ,which is at par with a Pyjama , but one look at it, and you know why it is a hot trend in fashion circuit these days. It gives a beautiful look which a skirt might give . I avoid skirts because till date I have not been able to find one which looks good on me. Culottes can very well be called a more modified form of a divider skirt. I couldn’t be more happy as I don’t wear shorts or skirts that frequently. They are airy enough and is the best bet while you are on travel. No wonder there are formal culottes as well which you can wear to work as well.


The fixation of crop tops also started in the mid of 2016. It was a time when I literally had to hold myself back from buying a crop top as my wardrobe was overflowing with them. Crop tops are a great option when you are traveling. They look great on shorts as well as denim jeans, even culottes for that matter. I generally wear crop top with high waist jeans or jeggings. For those of you, who have a flat tummy , can carry crop top with quite an elan.


The next in line is a cotton kurta which can double up as a dress any time. Cottons are my to-go fabric whenever I am travelling or in transit because of its breathable nature. Why a cotton kurta cum dress is mandatory is because of the fact that there might be certain places or premises which don’t permit dresses .Hence just layer it below with a pair of jeans or jeggings. You can use the same clothing and wear it as a dress the very next day where rules might not be so strict.


Shorts is one thing which surely doesn’t deserve a miss if you are going to summer destinations. You can carry umpteen number and the kinds and still not feel satisfied. In case its a beach vacation, shorts is sort of a staple packing essential which should not go missing while packing your suitcases. There are all kinds of shorts available as per one’s taste and preferences. I personally prefer cotton over denims, as I feel denims make me look a bit fat and plump. And don’t worry if you are on the healthier side of scales! You don’t have to go for hot pants , just try medium length shorts which will be in sync with your body type. Denim, floral,cotton– the options are unlimited.


Any beach vacation is incomplete if you are not carrying your favorite bikini with a sarong and your floral maxi dress. Whenever I have planned for a beach vacation , a bright floral maxi dress is the first thing I pack into my suitcase. I generally prefer maxis in a mix fabric rather than purely in cotton. There is one prime reason for this. This is because cotton has good absorption power, but it does not dry very soon. As a result I prefer mix fabrics like poly-cotton or poly Georgette .There are high chances that you will get wet at the beach (Well that is what the beach is for-Isn’t it? These fabrics dry up in no time, thus giving no feeling of heaviness in clothes when they are wet.

Apart from these I also tend to accessorize a lot which I generally don’t get to do ( because #momlife, and IT organization-my workplace where the colors are usually greys, blacks and browns)! Accessorizing really helps in bringing character to the dress you are wearing.

I would love to know your favorite vacation outfit ideas!








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14 thoughts on “Vacation Outfit Ideas

  1. I always like comfortable clothing whether on holiday or at home.I am always confused what to carry for vacations,this post really help me out to pack my bags sensibily.

  2. Love the pictures and tasteful trends in vacation dressing that you have highlighted in this post. And yes, all the best with your resolution for your blog.

  3. Being a mommy of a toddler forgot to dress up wanted something to be in trend and thanks for the positive vibe!!

  4. I love your maxi dress Udi. Where from? It looks so gorgeous on you. I never really put any thought into my vacation shopping. I just dump anything that fits inside. I need to think about this next time.

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