Of Little Ones & Barbie Dolls

As I sit down to write this post, what is making me ecstatic is the very topic . Yes you heard it right- It is BARBIE DOLLS. I am thirty , but I can still recall the lovely memories I had with my dolls back when I was a kid. Today I am a mom, and can surely relate to my daughter’s love for the same doll.
I am happy having been born in the late 80’s because I can now understand my daughter’s love for barbie dolls! Because that is exactly how I felt it too. My mom , on the other hand wouldn’t agree to this, as she is of another generation altogether.

I think even if I had a son today, I would have gone one step ahead and given him a barbie doll as well! I mean no where is it mentioned that barbie dolls are just for girls. After all that is what gender neutral parenting is all about . My daughter loves blue color as much as she loves pink. And that is why I make it a point not to load her with stuff which is only pink or red.

Coming back to Barbies again. Whenever I see my little one playing with her Barbie dolls, it kind of teleport’s me back to my childhood. As a child I used to go to another level of playing with Barbies. Since a¬† box of Barbie came with a single set of clothes, I used to sew new clothes for her! Yes that was my love for or rather fixation for Barbie Dolls.
I used to ask my mom to ask for some extra or left over fabric from her sewn suits from the tailor. All this for my barbie dolls. So I can proudly exclaim that even in those times my doll had a very lavish and vast wardrobe ūüôā

I can faintly recall that in those times Barbie dolls were very exclusive and were only available at selected shops. But welcome Circa 2018 , and you can find barbie dolls from online to offline shops as well. With so many e-commerce websites coming up ,Online shopping has become a necessity rather than a luxury.
If I were to go back in time and think if Barbies were exclusive as far as selling counters were concerned , my sole answer would be YES. But not now!
You demand it, and an online shop or website will have that Barbie doll for your little one’s first birthday or any special occasion for that matter.

BARBIE DOLLS are one of Zuzu’s favorite¬†pretend play toys as well. She loves talking to them. Some new friends in making while mamma¬†is on call !


Gone are the days when e-commerce or online shopping  was only about clothes. Today you name it, and the website will have it. Same holds true for barbie dolls and other kids related stuff. Myntra offers a very easy and user friendly interface to shop. What makes it a cakewalk for the users who come on the website to shop are the two most used features. These are :


The search bar is one thing which has made mine and the lives of millions of shoppers easier. Just write whatever you want to buy. The closest entry will be brought back in the search results to you which in turn aids easy navigation.


There are times when we don’t want to spend too much on an item and that is when the sorting button comes to my rescue.Filter is another option which helps in narrowing down the umpteen options. So next time you need not worry if there is a galore of options which are getting displayed on the Myntra page. Just use the sort and filter option, and you are good to go.

So , next time if you are looking for a Barbie Doll for your little one- You know where to head to! Myntra it is! I can vouch for the online shopping portal and the quality of the product it delivers!

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own.This post highlights about my honest experience at shopping on 


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