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Well if you happen to chance upon this blog of mine, don’t wander away by reading the heading of the blog. To begin with how many times have you gone and turned off the tap while brushing your teeth. I am sure as your kids are growing up, you are also teaching them to turn off the water tap as they brush themselves.
You must be wondering, why am I talking about all this in a ‘Bamboo Wipes‘ review. Let me explain this to you. Just like by turning off the tap each day, we are taking a small step in conserving and protecting the earth. Same goes for my reason for switching to bamboo wipes.

Well, that is definitely my prime reasons for switching to bamboo wipes with ‘MAMA EARTH BAMBOO WIPES‘. In a way, I can say that I am handing over a legacy to my daughter, by using these wipes and incorporating my way of going green and protecting Mother Earth.



Ever since I had Zuzu, I think wipes have become an indispensable part of my lives. Of course, I was using face wipes prior to her, but sometimes or the other I used to miss on stocking them in advance. But with a kid, you can’t take any sorts of risks. Just like their food has to be taken care of, the diapers, wipes and other such items should also be well stocked.
Just like any other mom, I too use wipes for umpteen tasks in the house. Sometimes I am too lazy to get a duster and do the cleaning, that I just pull out a wipe and brush the table clean! 😉


Come to think of it, I think I haven’t done any justice to the environment while raising my little one! I have never used cloth diapers and nor have I ever used menstrual cups(ask me about it, I am too scared to use them ). That is where the chord struck me and I thought why not start with Bamboo based Mama Earth Wipes.

Also as mothers, we keep looking for the best natural products for our kids- be it body wash, lotions and creams. But what about the good old wipes. Wipes make our lives so much easier. They make diaper changes so convenient. But have we really thought about what goes into the making of these wipes? Personally speaking, when I started using a wipe, all considered was the fact that it’s fragrance shouldn’t be overpowering. This is because more strong is the fragrance higher are the chances of additives in that particular thing. But I never thought as to what went into the making of these wipes. Of course, I was aware of the implications diapers and wipes have on our environment.

Most of the wipes available in the market are either made of polyester or contain plastic fiber. So in case you are thinking that the wipes are getting disposed! Let me tell you that since it is all plastic, so it’ll only harm the environment in the long run. Wipes clog drains and eventually pollute the sea. Also, there are high chances of your baby getting rashes with polyester fiber and synthetic perfumes!

That is where MAMAEARTH BAMBOO WIPES come to the rescue


Just like other MAMA EARTH products, this is also one product, which I will recommend to all the moms out there. Some of the important features which aren’t worth missing are as follows:

  • As mentioned on the pack, there are ‘NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES’ in it. That definitely means that I can be rest assured as far as the additives are concerned which go into the making of these wipes.
  • The wipes are made from 100 % bamboo cloth. As a result, they are completely safe for the environment due to their biodegradable nature.
  • The wipes are enriched with almond oil, shea butter, lavender essential oil as the main ingredients. All of these aid in moisturization and will keep the baby’s skin soft and nourished.
  • The wipes come in an easy resealable flap opening. This prevents the wipes from drying up, which were earlier a cause of concern for me in cases where there was only a plastic or paper seal.
  • The fragrance is neither too strong nor too less for my nose. I feel it is a perfect balance which will keep the diaper area hydrated and fragrant 🙂
  • Ever had an itchy rash at the parlor post a face bleach? Is it irritating right? Then why have bleached wipes for your little one? Most of the wipes available in the market are bleached to a certain extent! Mama Earth Bamboo Wipes are unbleached and perfectly safe for your little one.



Mama Earth products are well known for their packaging and the graphics on the package. This one also keeps up to its legacy. The package has a garden theme, with tiny little owls covering a major part of it.
It contains 72 wipes which are priced at I.N.R 249. Frankly speaking, it is a bit pricey when you compare it with other brands available at the drug store. But like I have always said ‘QUALITY COMES AT A COST’. In this case, it’s also more about the bamboo cloth which is being used. As a mother, I can surely give the environment a chance by spending some extra bucks out of my kitty!


The bamboo wipes deserve 4.8/5 rating from us. The only deducting parameter for us was the price, but like I always say ‘QUALITY COMES AT A PRICE’ .

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