Car Seats- For a safe and hassle free travel


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When I think about the car seat, the only thing I can think is a feeling of ‘Thankfulness’. You might as well be wondering, that why is this  woman is thanking an abstract object? 😉 Well, the answer for this is because I could take my little one to the daycare which was in the same building as my work organization. I am a working mom and have been taking my little one to the daycare since she was seven months old!! All this was possible because of the ‘CAR SEAT’

Car seats are not a mandatory thing in India and that is the prime reason why people don’t realize its importance. Many of us think that we can still carry the baby in our arms and that will probably be more comfortable than a car seat. What parents fail to realize is as much as car belt is important for them, the same holds true for a car seat for infants and toddlers.

Vehicle accidents is one of the most common causes of deaths worldwide, and a toddler or an infant car seat is for the little one’s protection only.

We as a family started on the journey of having car seats when my little one was just seven months old. So when I look back, all I can say is I was able to go to work with my little one without having to be worried. In fact, I can vouch for the fact that car rides from home to office and then back was one of the best times in our entire day. We used to sing and blabber all along the way.

Initially, when we started off in the car seats, it was a tricky situation for us. I guess it’s for all the parents out there. So, for someone in India, when I actually put Zuzu in the car seat when she was seven months old, I got all kinds of nasty looks . And when she used to cry in the initial few days, I was even dissuaded from taking her in a car seat! But two years down the line, I can finally say that all’s well that ends well. We battled every emotion and every person and can happily say that car seats are a savior.

Some of the things which helped us in the initial days of the car seat journey:

  • Singing rhymes and lullabies – The toughest part of putting a baby in a car seat is of course in the beginning. This is primarily because the kid is made to sit in something which is not close to a human touch and hence the crying and squealing begins. Once the baby has been buckled in the car seat, you can either sing rhymes or lullabies to calm them down. Or better still, if you don’t want to be the singer, turn on the music system.
  • Always carry a soft toy or a teether – A soft toy or a teether will always come to your rescue when other things like music don’t work. Zuzu always had one soft toy which I used to keep in the car only. At times when there was no soft toy, my little dreamcatcher car hanging kept her busy.
  • Keep a snacker– Always keep a snacker such as nibbles or fruits which will keep the baby full and occupied at the same time. This might divert his mind from the car seat and make travel easier.

I didn’t have any carry cot car seat and straight away jumped to rear facing car seat. This is because by the time I had started working after my maternity leaves  ,Zuzu was too big for a carry cot and hence the decision.


The different kinds of car seats available in the market are as below:

  • Rear-facing car seat- This is the best for kids until they turn two years of age.
  • Forward-facing car seat – Once the kid touches the age of five, it is the right time to put them in forward facing position in the car seat.
  • Booster Seat- Booster seats are used for much older kids when they finally outgrow the forward facing seats and reach a certain height.


Tips to keep in mind before purchasing a car seat:

  • Since there are a wide variety of seats available in the market, you need to do your recce for the brand which you intend to go with finally.
  • Age of the baby is also one of the prime factors to be considered when buying a suitable car seat. this should be in compliance with age, weight and height.
  • Make sure that the seat comes with a proper installation manual so that a layman can install it by himself and it does not require any extra or special assistance.
  • Always try to get a car seat which has a five-point harness. This is by far the best which can protect the kid from any injury caused by a sudden break or a swerve.

I am sure, I have given you enough tips, tricks all around Car Seat!So parents and to be parents always put your baby or toddler in a car seat while on travel. It’s not a LUXURY but a NECESSITY.

And if you have bought the car seat and struggling woth your kiddo big time, then you need to check my frined Tara’s blog  where she has written ideas about how to make car trips fun for little ones : CLICK HERE


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8 thoughts on “Car Seats- For a safe and hassle free travel

  1. I agree. I am glad you used the car seat and it is so very necessary in a scenerio wherein we read about accidents on a daily basis. However we need to understand our needs before buying one as you rightly pointed out since there are many types and brands of car seats available .

  2. Firstly those smiles say it all..your rides must have been fun all thanks to car seat..car seat is a must with infants and toddlers and infant till 5 yrs of age..glad there is website to guide on this and the post has some very useful information for first time parents…

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