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Top 6 reasons to visit Kerala

I just got back from a 6-day vacation to ‘God’s Own Country’ last week. I have to admit that it was the most refreshing and rejuvenating experience have felt in recent times. Even though we could have gone a little slow on the number of places we visited, but that simply doesn’t mean I will stop raving about this place. It was a family vacation, and I am glad I had the company of my parents. Why do I say that? Because not at all times it is possible to deal with a toddler while you are on a travel!


Now before I was to start this blog, I had a completely different topic in mind. And before you guess it- Yes it was best tips when traveling with toddlers! What else can a mom think? I feel as moms we are just thinking about the whole ‘Mommying ‘ thing. I mean where did that girl or better still that person vanished? So the change in the topic idea happened when I chanced to read my friend cum fellow blogger Tara’s post on her recent Girl trip to Goa-aaah. I am already jealous of them! kidding me. But after I read her post, I realized that there is more to us than just being moms, wives, daughter in laws and what not-The great Indian family, you see.That is when I thought that rather than a usual monotonous toddler topic, let’s do something different this time. Something more, I mean like a travel blog post! Fancy me 😉


So I bring to you my favorite reasons to go to Kerala or better known as ‘God’s own country’

We landed in Kerala, two days after Diwali, and I had thought that there wouldn’t be many tourists.How wrong I was! There were so many people at the same time we traveled. Looked like people required more holidays after the festive season! Our first stop was Kochin, from where we moved to the picturesque town of Munnar. Two days were spent soaking in the beauty of nature at Munnar, from where we moved to Thekkady and then finally to Alleppy and back to Kochin. I will talk more about these places in my next posts, but now let’s move to my top reasons for going to Kerala :


Trust me, when I say this I mean it. That is because living up here in the north I have seen people can be really mean and not mindful of the people around them. But people down south in Kerala, are extremely courteous, helpful and kind. Ask anyone and they would ready to help you genuinely. Why I said genuinely; because that’s not the case ‘ Up here North’. Not sure, if this is because of a very high literacy rate there, but yes that is the actual thing which I witnessed. You will not have anyone staring or giving shady looks at you. Great place if you are going tripping with your girl gang 🙂


Another very good reason to visit this state! Isn’t it. Well, who doesn’t like chocolates? So do I. Let me admit I sometimes hide and eat chocolates from Zuzu #honestmomconfessions. Since Kerala is one of the top producers of cocoa in the country, so it was but obvious that there will be chocolates. I can say that chocolates were selling like golgappas up here north! Personally, I prefer white chocolate over the dark ones, so I bought quite a few dabbas of white chocolates! And coming to the pricing- aah how can I not mention being in this blogging profession? The chocolates were decently priced with a 100 gms pack at I.N.R 50 only.



You name a particular landscape , and Kerala has it. From the beautiful sunsets in Munnar to the backwaters of Alleppey. Kerala also has one of the most beautiful beaches at Kovalam. Sadly we couldn’t make it to Kovalam this time due to the time crunch. But next time maybe! The state is so big, vast and beautiful at the same time that a 6 night tour isn’t just enough. We made up for the beach part by covering a small beach which I don’t think is a touristy beach yet, because there weren’t many people there. But who cares, we got to see the gorgeous sunset. The timing couldn’t have been better.


Kerala is famed for its production and export of spices to major countries of the world. We went on a spice plantation tour, in which the guide not only told about the basic kitchen spices, but also old traditional plants which are used in Ayurvedic(Indian) medicines.And just like chocolate, our Kerala trip couldn’t have been complete without some spice shopping in the local market. My mom went a little overboard with spices, that after some time I just couldn’t digest the strong aroma of the spices! 😉


Well, I am not a nonvegetarian, but that doesn’t stop me from writing about the local delicacies this state has to offer. With the ocean just by its side, the sea-food of Kerala is something which shouldn’t be missed at any cost. There are prawns, fish, ducks and not to forget beef as well! For the vegetarians the Kerala Hindu cuisine is something worth trying and that too on their typical banana leaf.


My visit to Kerala would have been incomplete had I not been a witness to both Kathakali and Kalaripattu. Glad that we made a stopover at Thekkady.Kathakali is the native dance form of Kerala in which majorly men perform and narrate a story through many eye movements. Kalaripayattu is a form of an ancient martial art which originated in Kerala. I couldn’t understand much of what was narrated in Kathakali but thoroughly enjoyed the valor of the men performing Kalaripayattu. We went to the Kadathanadan Kalari & Navarasa Kathakali Centre in Thekaddy.Both the shows lasted for a good 60 minutes each and I can totally vouch for for the fact that they were ‘PAISA VASOOL’



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