5 Common Issues a Women faces during pregnancy

Congrats on the two pink lines beautiful mom! Finally, the day is here when you can now start your journey in this beautiful phase called pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. It brings a myriad set of emotions for the parents to be.

Coomon issues a women faces during pregnancy

Like they say no two children are same That means each pregnancy is different in one way or the other. While there are broader rules for pregnancy which are accepted worldwide, but there might be some tips which suit you, but might not suit the other mom.
While it is said that a woman, needs to be extra cautious during the first twenty weeks of pregnancy. It should also be noted, that some women develop complications as they move further into their journey of pregnancy.

Some women are lucky to sail through this journey without major hiccups, but a major percentage don’t have it easy.

Presenting some common issues which women face during pregnancy :


An umbilical cord is actually the real connection both physically and emotionally between a mother and her fetus. In short, it is the lifeline which connects the fetus to the placenta and provides nutrition to the growing baby. As a woman progresses in her pregnancy and the fetus grows in size one of the major things she fears is wrapping the cord around the fetus

Umbilical cord around enck

There is a large percentage of babies who are born with the umbilical cord around their neck. and in most of the cases, its is not as lethal issue, as it is made out to be. Doctors and midwives generally say that it’s not risky, as the cord is long enough. The baby is free to move and that can help the neck to be free of any entanglement caused by the cord.


The placenta can very well be called the food and nutrient bowl of your growing fetus. A low-lying placenta is usually diagnosed by as can in one of the early weeks. While 4 out of 10 women might have a low lying placenta towards the beginning of their pregnancy, it is said that as the fetus grows in size, the placenta may shift back to a safer position. This position is such that it will not block the cervix and will not have any effects if one is trying for normal delivery.

common issues a woma faces during pregnancy

In those cases, where the placenta does not move up even during the later stages of pregnancy- it is called Placenta Praevia, and it generally results in cesarean sections.


Amniotic fluid starts forming as soon as conception takes place and surrounds the uterus as a protective cover. Initially it is mostly the water from the mother’s body, but eventually, gets replaced by the baby’s urine. Amniotic fluid can very well be called the Life Insurance cover of the fetus. It protects the baby from bumps and potential injury.

However, there needs to be just the right amount of amniotic fluid for the healthy development of the fetus. Too much of it or a low amniotic fluid can lead to complications in pregnancy.
Low levels of amniotic fluid are termed as oligohydramnios‘ and is due to to the membrane getting torn and liquid leaking out.It is an occurrence in 4 out 10 pregnancies, and also in pregnancy which goes past their due dates. If an expecting mother is diagnosed with oligohydramnios. the doctor can perform a varied range of test which includes fetal kick counts, nonstress tests, and Doppler studies.


This kind of diabetes or high sugar levels develops during pregnancy. It is a common myth, that only women suffering from diabetes can have gestational diabetes. Insulin is needed to break down the glucose taken in the form of food and from there be absorbed by the body. But in pregnancy, the body becomes naturally resistant to insulin, hence glucose doesn’t break down. Therefore this results in high blood sugar levels.

While in some cases doctors recommended medication for gestational diabetes, in others it is pretty easy. With simple lifestyle changes in eating and exercising, gestational diabetes can be easily brought under one’s control.


Common issues a woman faces in pregnancy

As you progress in your pregnancy, apart from growing weight one of the major concerns which bothers a woman is a severed backache. the growing belly adds weight to the body, and that in turn puts more pressure on the back. This is because as the baby grows, the center of gravity of your body will shift forward. You can do some stretching exercises in consultation with your doctor to give that sore back some relief.

So mommies to don’t fear any of the above-said issues. Like we said help is nearer than it seems. Take care of yourself and the little member who will soon take over your life in a couple of weeks.


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  1. Those two pink lines, aren’t they just amazing! Your tips so on point! Back relief is a major issue during pregnancy, but yes consulting the doc at the right time is the best!

  2. Pink lines opens the door to a totally new world which is full of unconditional love. Taking care of yourself is very important during this delicate stage. Your points are definitely going to help expectant moms.

  3. I can’t forget the horrible back pain I used to have and ! But I was glad to have a good doctor around and yes choosing the right doctor and hospital plays a very important roles

  4. So true, those two pink lines change the life for every woman. You have lined out all the points of complications so we’ll in this post. Backache is a common problem and taking care of it in consultation with doctor is very important

  5. What a beautiful write up. I didn’t have any of these issues during pregnancy. However, one day before my due date, amniotic fluid started drying out. We had no choice but to go for an emergency C Section.

  6. damn good post….i hdnt done that mch research during my pregnancy….which i regret….bcz i face ond of these issues.

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