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It is the festive season going on here in India. All thanks to this , E- commerce websites are full of flash sales since the past couple of days. I got one more toy for my little one this afternoon in the big billion sale. As a matter of fact, I can say there is no better day to write this post .
Frankly speaking , when I started on this journey of blogging, I wasn’t aware of learning toys . I saw so many inspiring moms doing Montessori theme activities with their little ones. That is exactly what led me to do deep analysis of the relation between toys and kid. Never before that I had tried investing my mind or money in learning toys, or tried understanding how different toys enabled different kinds of learning.


Ok, so when I was contemplating of writing this blog series on Skola Toys, a lot of questions started hovering in my mind. The first one was what is the need of early learning toys? while  I was writing this post , I got back in time and wondered  if we had some well curated learning  toys. or not? Well the answer is yes and no- Yes you heard it right! So I got in touch with a very good friend cum fellow Mom Blogger  Shalu Sharma Rathod who blogs at THEDREAMERMUM . Shalu is an educationist and an ex teacher by profession . So I thought that there was no other person who could answer my query. I asked her if at all there were learning toys when we were kids.To which she replied ‘Of course there were‘ .

It is just that toys and life(sigh) were pretty simple in that age. I am pretty sure, I might have as well left you wondering what learning toys were there in the 80’s era!  Well there were walkers, earthen pots and puppets. All of these enabled learning in one form or the other.


In my previous post on Skola toys , I had iterated  the fact that it is not only about a toy . It is  how a child plays with a toy and how engaged it keeps them. Take for example, if a kid has to form a castle by different kinds and shapes of blocks , then it is not the end product which matters. What matters is the fact that how did the child reach the end stage of forming that castle – what intrigued him to join one shape to the other? Or in other words , I can say that why will a square shape cast fit in a square hollow only- why not in a circular hollow ?
Toys fulfill many purposes. The prime one is keeping the kids occupied and entertained. The learning factor comes in picture afterwards. They enhance cognitive behavior and stimulate creativity .


Skola’s philosophy of developing toys is primarily based on Montessori theme. OK let me be very frank ! I never knew what exactly was Montessori until I became super active on Instagram earlier this year. It was only when I saw a lot of mom bloggers doing creative activities with their little ones , that I googled ‘Montessori’. So Montessori basically involves activities which focuses on learning in kids using one’s own impulses, emotions, natural curiosity and an innate desire to learn.

It is a well known fact that young children learn best when they engage multiple senses (sight, sound, touch, etc.) while interacting with the world around them. But it interesting to note that when all these senses are tuned towards a single objective, learning is significantly enhanced. Skola is a staunch believer of the multi-sensory approach. Skola has observed and researched the fact that toys with a single objective engage children in greater depth .


We got the stacking gear toy from Skola in the mail close to one week back. I must say that a lot of brain goes into the making of early learning toys .
The stacking gear toy is made of wood which is perfectly safe for little ones. The toy includes a base with rods, set of 3 wooden gears, 3 pairs of 2D shapes, set of 3 3D shapes . It also include a detailed instruction manual  . The toy box has doodles all over it , and the package also included four crayons for coloring the doodle box.


So basically if I were to explain this toy , here it goes. It consists if three gears and some 2d and 3d shapes. The whole concept is to put the stack up the gears correctly and get things in motion. This in turn enables the kid to think in the direction of proper placement of shapes which will lead to motion. When the gears have finally been stacked up, moving one gear causes the other gear to move as well. Children stimulate their cognitive thinking ability by seeing how turning one gear triggers motion in the other two gears. If I look at the bigger picture , this is exactly how gears in automobiles work!

That is exactly the concept of Skola toys which forces a kid to think in a particular pattern or direction. It stimulates cognitive thinking in the way that the kid will be introduced to the concept pf pairing and stacking similar patterns. The following activity can be build with this toy :

  • Activity Gear Rotation

This toy is all about gears and movement. Hold the wooden base and help your child rotate one gear .Movement of one gear will lead to movement in the second one and so on.

  • Sort and Stack

Remove all the pieces .Place the 3D holders on on each of the rods, then stack back the pieces  depending on the shape of the holder.


OK! time for some honest mom confessions. I already have made quite a few! Until Instagram happened, and until Skola asked me to review one of their toys, there is a candid confession I must make. I was never in the habit of buying toys for my daughter by seeing what learning or value it might bring to her . But after going through Skola’s  site of how a toy affects a learning pattern in a kid, I must say , I have definitely changed my thinking. In spite of being a working mom, I would love to sit down with Zuzu and play and assist her in learning different skills. The kind of assistance I am talking about is telling kids about different shapes, colors, spatial pairing and other such similar stuff.

We would give this a complete 5/5.

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post. However the views and opinions expressed here are my own. I was sent this toy by the brand to use and share my experience. The review holds my honest opinion and personal experience of using the toy .

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  1. Love that this toy is so versatile. A good toy is an investment that lasts way longer than we imagine. toys that support early development are the best and Skola is exactly doing that!

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