How Motherhood has Changed Me?-I Am a Completely New Person Now!

Motherhood for me has been quite a roller coaster ride for me till date. That is because when you sit on it for the first time you don’t know what to expect the next second. It’s like literally you don’t know when will the baby poop and suddenly when he might get hungry. My journey has been some sorts of extraordinary . I call it extraordinary , because God chose me to mother a child single handedly. Jokes apart, I really don’t know what’s in store in the near future for me, relationship status wise(Yes I am positive) . But currently I am sailing solo in this beautiful journey of ‘Parenting’.

When Pooja of themumsnbabies invited me to hop onto this train, I got particularly excited. I think I don’t need to tell you the reason here. Well, well my entire blog revolves my little one Zuzu. So writing on this post , was just like writing my heart out, of what has changed inside me as I grow with Zuzu .

For me, the actual test of motherhood started when Zu was just nine months old . That was when we embarked on this journey of single-motherhood. And today , when I look back , all I see is a better and a much confident me. I can surely attribute it to my toddler girl- Right?

So let me run you how I have changed in these almost 3 years of motherhood :



Trust me when I say this, I have become more fierce and more strong now. Post motherhood or better single-motherhood, I was this shy lady who hardly spoke to anyone, remained in her own shell. As a kid I was an introvert. I would not say that being an introvert is a sin but things change post attaining motherhood. That is because when you bring a little soul in this world, you have umpteen questions that you just can’t stay to your own self. I have become more strong now. People are always there to judge me , for being a single mom and I was pretty sure that unless I became strong, I am landing up nowhere. I had to become strong for the little lass.


I would say that I have drifted from my core inherent behavior . Living up to the characteristics of a true Libran, I could hardly decide whenever I was given two choices. In a nutshell, I couldn’t take decisions on my own , leave trusting my own-self. Fast- forward to today’s time, I have come a really long cum satisfying way. A thing ,of what I am truly proud of – I trust my guts like never before . I guess motherhood makes you brave like a soldier who protects the borders from the enemy. There have been times when I have had to listen to all sorts of advises from friends and families. But in the end all I have done is what I felt was right for myself and Zuzu. I would like to say a popular Hindi sentence here:

Suno Sabki, Karo Apne Mann Ki πŸ™‚

It means listen to everyone, but do only as per your own brain and heart πŸ™‚


I was a very emotional person until I started my journey of single parenting. Of course I had my bit of turmoil when I started it out. I was too apprehensive of myself and raising my kid in this part of the world where I live . Almost two years down into this journey , I am less emotional now. Earlier I used to cry on a spur of moment, but off lately situations have made me more practical. Not to forget my parents who see this drastic change in me and they are amazed and shocked at the same time. Frankly speaking I can’t afford to cry as my little one is watching me all the time. I really want her to soar and see her growing as an happy individual.


It has only been a few months since I came out in the open and starting talking about my single-parent status. I had my inhibitions earlier , all thanks to the society and even some close relatives who called themselves my well wishers. Trust me people have tried pulling me down for their own reasons whatsoever. This part of the world where I live mostly follows patriarchal format, and for even the tiniest things a woman is blamed. Also, I would like to highlight that by writing so, I am in no ways demeaning the male counterpart in our relationship. All I am trying to say is, people could have been a little easy on me. So I am always a little more careful at work, all because I don’t want to give an excuse of being a single mom. I am more mindful and careful because I don’t want to live on excuses- Again , because I am answerable to my daughter. People can be over courteous to me sometimes , and that sometimes becomes a bit creepy for me.


When I talk about understanding my worth, I don’t mean I didn’t have any idea before. I guess as mothers we put everything on the forefront , whereas keeping our own wishes, whims and fancies at the back burner. I was no different, but I just couldn’t afford to belittle myself in this beautiful journey. This journey of blogging and particularly writing started when I used to feel low and wanted to express my inner self. That is when withlovezuzu was born , and since then it’s never looking back for me. I mean this blog is just an extension of my own true self and I am glad that I am putting some thing in my kitty with this blog.


When I say that , I mean it quite literally . When I started writing, I was just letting my inner voice speak. That is because for me it’s easier to write than to speak about what I feel. But almost a year down the line into writing my rants, joys and other snippets of life which I share here, I have come a long way. I have really started to take the writing business  more seriously now .Still miles away from the world’s most brilliant writers who have been a part of my childhood and have continued to inspire me. But like I said , I am writing more and more just for my little one to give her the best when she grows up – Both emotionally and financially. The writing industry is still developing in India, and I wish to earn through writing one fine day.

So quite recently , I was having a severe ache in one of my molars. I asked some of the most trusted friends on a  whats app group, how painful is tooth extraction or a root canal treatment? And can you guess what was the reply?
Well one of them answered – ‘Hey Mumma, it can’t be worse than labor pain’ πŸ˜‰. To which I then replied, I never had pains, as I was asked to for a Caesarean.Pat comes another reply, then hey ‘Labor Karma is coming back to you’ πŸ˜‰


I am part of this blog train started by Pooja Kawatra of Mums & Babies and she has networked to bring together 41 moms across the GLOBE. (Meet the 41 moms here) . Pooja has also shared her own perspective on this here.


Next on the blog train is Shubhreet Kaur Kochhar who blogs at
I came across this awesome Mumma on Instagram and we immediately connected.We have also met in person and she is one the most amazing human beings I have ever come across. I literally mean it, and not writing just because I am introducing her!
A former TV journalist , she is now the founder cum editor of RaisingKarma. Her blog mainly revolves around her travel stories and her beautiful daughter Karma. Not to miss her little one is just 2.8 years old but has already covered 10 countries. Shubhreet’s parenting articles have been featured in Baby Chakra, World Of Moms and Child Magazine. She has also been awarded the title of top ten mom bloggers to follow in India by WomensWeb. She currently resides in Mumbai and juggles between blogging and managing her home.


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34 thoughts on “How Motherhood has Changed Me?-I Am a Completely New Person Now!

  1. You are a brave mommy Udita!Love the way you are raising your happy and independent daughter Varanya❀ Love you girl! May god shower his choicest blessings on both of you! Loved reading your journey of motherhood and thanks for sharing it!

  2. Udita hats off to you firstly and some beautiful wisdom in your writing. You made a wish, and see to it that it comes true, u are one strong lady and there’s a lot many moms can learn from you.

  3. Wow a beautiful story… A mom is a mom no matter she is married or single. You are a beautiful soul and the best MOM zuzu could ever have.


  4. Udita , more power to you momma!!! What should I say? I don’t have words just immense respect for you for how you are raising your daughter. Lots of love & happiness!!!

  5. I love your funda of suno sabki, karo apne dil ki. I don’t know you from before Zuzu phase, but I love THIS Udita, the post Zuzu Udita – The lady who is full of calm & strength at the same time!

  6. Udita, it was good to r ad your journey. I feel proud of you the way you are handling things for yourself and Zuzu. I am sure she is absorbing every bit of your parenting and one day she will make you proud.

  7. Udita, Your take on the motherhood changes were wonderful. My favorite of being a mom is being mindful, enjoyed your humor sense on last few lines. Happy to join with you on this blog train.

  8. trusting oneself more has become a trait after becoming mother, even I can feel the difference. I know how and when the child needs anything and in what form I need to give it to him. Nice read

  9. Loved reading about your beautiful Journey Udita, you are one of the strongest mothers i know. Zuzu will always be so proud of you. Blessed you both are to have each other. More power to you Mamma Zuzu?

  10. I want to learn so much from you πŸ™‚ when I see you. I feel I want to be like her minus the emotions. I know you wrote you are less emotional now but for me even that’s too much. beside the point. I cant imagine myself working so hard and raising a perfect baby like Zuzu. so proud of you because when i see you , i feel you the right example for US. no sliding away on anything be it work or parenting or blogging.

    I respect you in true sense.

  11. Cheers to Single Moms! I solo parent a lot because my husband travels and it takes a toll on my emotional and physical self. At the end of the day though, I still have him coming home. I wrote a piece on it before and added that I have utmost respect for single parents because there’s so much on their plate just by being a mother and father at once is hard enough. Big hugs to you for being strong as you are! You are the best thing that ever happen to your child.

    I am also on the blog train and will be publishing my post on the 25th of October! Follow me at and!

  12. Behen! I feel so proud that I met you in my life! This post has brought tears of joy in my eyes. I still remember how we started talking on IG and how in this short time I have seen you change to a strong, confident, mindful and hard working mom who know her worth and is optimistic! Nothing can stop you baby! The white house is waiting for you. And to be frank, you look more beautiful and young now!

  13. We never know our strength until tested .. Your strength is in Zuzu and so glad you know it .. You are one brave lady and being a single mother in this patriarchal society is just not difficult you already are bearing something more difficult than labor .. On a lighter note go for c Sec root canal ? And give this society some anesthetia.

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