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Not All Mothers Are good Cooks- And It’s Not a Big Deal

Do you also judge a mom by the shape of the chapatti she makes? Well, cooking is definitely not a good trait to judge a woman’s motherly instincts!

Do I have to be a good cook, if I am a mom? Or I can be a good mom only if I cook well? As an 80’s kid and being brought up in a Metropolitan city, I often wonder that. Even if many women leave aside the Metropolitan angle to this discussion- is it so necessary to be really good in the kitchen? As an Indian woman, we are all asked this burning question ‘Can you cook’? Moreover, it will not stop at once. It first comes when you are in the process of getting married. If you are not a good cook and passed the marriage test by luck, the next test comes up in the form of the same question when you have a baby! But does it really matter?


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3 thoughts on “Not All Mothers Are good Cooks- And It’s Not a Big Deal

  1. I honestly believe that cooking is going to be a redundant function sooner or later. Cooking for passion will be relegated to the select few. For others, ready to eat meals and other convenience foods and the ability to hire help who will cook will be the order of the day. But none of these matters because a mothers love for her child and the childs love for mommy are special and not dependent on any rules, goals or roti shapes. 😉

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