Toys and Kids- The Whole Cosmic Connection

As a mom , I have always felt that there is some sort of a Cosmic Connection between Kids and toys. I am sure this thought resonates with many moms worldwide. Some of us,start buying little rattles, and other such similar stuff as soon as we conceive . When I started writing this post, only one question came in my mind. And that is why toys and why are kids attracted to toys. So in these 2. 8 years of motherhood , I have come to the conclusion that toys is the necessity of the hour . Yes , I mean had it not been for the toys, from where we mothers would have got those precious ‘PRECIOUS ME-TIME 5 MINUTES’ .

Since , I am a working mom I need toys for my hyperactive toddler girl all the more. There are times when I am working from home , and I need to keep her engaged .  And most of the times I end up having a nerve wrecking time every time I go into a toy store.


As I write this post , and before I begin my story, the first question which comes to my mind is ‘WHY TOYS’?. Well the first answer that comes to my mind is because they are fun to have . Toys are in fact the second piece of interaction point for a baby , the first being parents only. I mean imagine the little piece of work you do(making food, washing clothes, working)- how do you manage that? It is because of these toys only. Toys keep a kid/toddler busy for a certain period of time. They are one thing in which your child can completely immerse himself and you need not worry.
Now kids do not know what exactly is a toy . They tend to play with anything and everything which comes in their line of sight. As moms we all know most of the times they will pick up a phone charger or remote any day over those gorgeous and expensive toys bought from the mall. Sigh !

Now since kids tend to play with almost every thing in the house, it is important to know what are they learning from it. So next time if your kid is playing with the phone charging wire, you will ask him not to do that. In this case there is no direct learning involved, but the kid will surely learn in some time, that chargers are definitely not a thing to play with. So as much as I would like to say, there is still a certain amount of learning involved. Apart from this , kids love playing with toys because it gives them enjoyment and happiness. It helps in boosting creativity and helps a child to express his emotions.


No matter how technologically advanced we become and in which century we reach, toys will continue to fascinate kids. In this age of Facebook and Instagram where tablets and ipads have taken over this generation by storm, toys are still holding strong. Toys are essential for developing certain attributes in kids which will help them in preparing different life skills. Learning toys will stimulate learning in a kid and force them to think . Take for example a shape sorter toy, forces a child to think, that why only a star will fit into a star shape and not in any other shape.

Learning toys aid in :


There are many toys which help in honing gross motor skills in kids which help in building string muscles and balance and coordination. While outdoor activities aid in developing these skills, you can still design some DIY games at home and get going.


Kids love pretend play and what better way than this to hone a wide array of life skills in them. Apart from the fun element kids learn how to be social by indulging in pretend play toys. They learn different kinds of emotions with it as well.


As I already said that I have a hard time at the toy store when I am shopping for my little one. I can vouch for the fact that this is a worldwide problem which most of the parents admit of having . Choosing the right learning toy is essential as it will help the kid in honing many life skills. These days there are  a wide range of toys available in the market and while choosing a toy the following things should be kept in mind :


    We all know the first question a shopkeeper asks us when we ask them for a suitable toy. They literally go ‘Kitne Saal ka hai bachha ‘ (What is the age of the child?) . While most companies mention the age bracket on the toy box, but it is still advisable to listen to your own gut while choosing a toy . Now why I say this , is because of the fact , that there will be many times when you would want to buy a toy but the age bracket is bigger by merely one year. So there cab be situations where you can still buy the product if you feel your kid would be able to play with it and interest him.


    As much as the type of toy you are considering , keeping in mind the material is also important. No matter what, kids are bound to put the toy into their mouth while playing. So the type of material , the different categories of material with which the toy is made has to be considered. Always prefer investing in a good brand toy for your little ones. The material should be particularly non-toxic.



Choosing the right toy is important and with certain kinds of materials being used in toys these days, more and more parents are shifting to wooden toys. Wooden toys last a lifetime and are definitely more durable. They aren’t that flashy like the plastic toys and do not produce those sounds. While bright colors and loud sound can stimulate a child for sometime, but can affect the thinking abilities in the long run.

One such toy brand is Skola Toys . Skola toys is a brand which makes learning fun by making wooden toys in the age group 1- 8 years. They have been created by a team which has extensive experience in the Early Education sector, making learning products that enhance children’s development. They have supplied high quality educational materials to more than 10,000 schools across the globe for over 25 years. Most of their toys have been designed with the intention of making learning a fun time.

Stay tuned for my next series of blogs , where I will be telling you more about Skola Toys.

To find out more on how and what kind of toys to chose check out my friend (Priyadarshini’s) blog  who is  a  Montessori Mama at :





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10 thoughts on “Toys and Kids- The Whole Cosmic Connection

  1. What a great post ! I love toys I gave to admit and having kids just gave me the excuse to actually buy them lol ? I think they are important for certain developments in a child given you choose correctly , then there are those just for fun !

  2. I never had toys growing up. My family was super poor. I spent most of my time making my own toys. Now that I have kids, I feel that the learning ones are good for them but they just break everything else and it’s a waste of money. We’re very limited with them in our home but I can see how they can be beneficial for children.

  3. Yes I agree Toys have cosmic connection with a child. It develops overall personality and helps in brain development as well. Earlier I was a bit Skeptical buying new toys often but, now after I read the entire concept I got to know how important toys are for a child. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

  4. When my boys were little I always loved to have learning toys such as puzzles or thinking g toys available but also items that were just for fun to foster imagination. 🙂

  5. Completely agree with all of your points. I’m currently in the process of writing a post of how to turn household chores and toys into therapy activities!

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