New Toys on the rack- Shumee Toys Product Review

How many times have you wondered and given a second thought before buying a toy for your little one? Well frankly speaking I realized this only after a few months of introducing toys to my toddler girl. Of course plastic and other such stuff  is no good for kids. And I was aghast at the contents which can go into the making of toys for kids.
There are many preferences as far as toys are concerned .While some of us don’t prefer battery operated toys , others totally keep plastic toys out of the play area of their kids. One of the major reason for this is because toddlers/infants have a habit of literally putting everything in their mouth. As moms that is the last thing we want to see. That is the reason as parents we are moving to eco-friendly toys which are safe and great to play with. That is exactly how SHUMEETOYS was born .



Time and again in my previous blog posts I have highlighted that if a product is made as a solution to an identified problem it will come out very well. That is exactly how SHUMEE happened .SHUMEE is the brainchild of Meeta .Meeta found toys in Indian market were not very safe and also didn’t explore the imaginative side of a kid. That is when she decided to jump into this domain and ever since then its no looking back for her . They have a wide variety of toys which covers maximum age groups including babies , toddlers and preschoolers.


When Meeta contacted me, and explained the concept and visualization behind Shumee, all I could think were those cute little wooden dancing dolls . As a kid I had dolls whose heads swirled when shaken a bit. Thanks Meeta for taking me  in a time lapse. She asked me Zuzu’s age and then she recommended 3 toys or rather 3 of the Shop’s pieces. They are :




Ever since we have got these at home, trust me they keep my daughter occupied for a good 30 minutes. And if you feel 30 minutes is too less, it’s not! That is because toddlers have a very short attention span and Zuzu is no different. Out of the three , the Monster Snap Cards are Zuzu’s favorite.



Like I said , these are my toddler’s current favorite these days. So these Monster Cards is a deck of 52 cards and they come with very bright illustrations of 13 different kinds of monsters. Yes you heard it right! Zuzu loves these monsters( She loves dinos, monsters as much she loves her dolls). I think what caught her attention in these cards is the bright perky images of the monsters. She even remembers most of the cute and quirky monster names by heart now and I can’t help but pat my back. She speaks ‘Fritzu’, ‘Bubblylotion’ in an adorable accent though.These deck of cards have traveled with us to many cities now . It keeps Zuzu engaged in long car rides which acts as a savior for me. That is because she is just occupied with them, while I can enjoy the view outside the window in our trips!

Shumee Toys

The real procedure of playing with these cards is similar to your regular cards. The cards are distributed and whenever the player gets a similar card to the one which is thrown previously he will say ‘SNAP’ and that card becomes his. The player who gets the maximum cards wins. The cards help in dexterity , motor skills and academic skills. Apart from it, there is learning of colors and recognizing the pattern , which helps in memorizing and recalling .

Priced at I.N.R  325 and can be brought from HERE


This is also one of our favorite travel companion. We all keep finding ways to keep kids engaged during a journey and they like to listen to all sorts of stories, rhymes and poems. So this is the perfect answer to all those questions .
These are wooden cubes which reminded me of our good old game Ludo, where we used to roll the dice and take the next move. So these are basically four story cubes .Each of them represent a ‘WHAT’ , ‘WHO , ‘ WHEN’ , ‘ WHERE’? . Each face of the cube has a pattern made on them . Zuzu is a little too young to understand the nitty grittys of ‘WHAT’ , ‘WHY’, WHEN’ , but I am trying to explain this to her with the help of these story cubes. She understands ‘WHAT’ very clearly though!! After all ‘WHAT IS YOUR NAME’ is so very important!!  ha ha . Right when you are starting for formal school. I can say these blocks are helping us in forming short sentences and sometimes even becomes are bed time partner. These cubes fuel creativity, curiosity and helps kids to think . Older kids can make stories and keep their imagination skills rolling by writing these stories in their notebook.

Shumee Story Cube

Priced at I.N.R 525 and can be brought from HERE



This game took me to my school days like literally . We all know tic-tac-toe was our to go game whenever we had some free time at our school in between classes or when a subject teacher was absent on a particular day. I guess we all are aware of tic-tac games and it doesn’t need any introduction. so coming back to how Zuzu played with the game. There are two shapes inside it – One is the moon and the other is the sun. Zuzu has not yet understood the real game, but we like arranging the suns and the moons in a  desired pattern.


We also play the classic game ‘WHICH HAND IS IT’ . Kids get delighted with the disappearing object game. So all I need is her attention , the suns and the moons to start this game. She loves guessing which hand has the sun and which one has the moon. Also what I loved most about this is that the game can be played on a cloth bag which can be used to store the shape coins when one is travelling or on-the-go. This one builds strategic thinking and imagination ( Oh , we are only 2.8 years old and have quite a long way to go) 😉 . Not to miss they are great for fine motor development.

Priced at I.N.R 495 and they can be brought from : HERE


As a working mom , I am constantly in the look out for activities, toys which will help Zuzu in getting independent . Even though I try to dedicate as much time to her , but there are certain days when I am just not able to sit with her and play .Please don’t judge me for that ! So while I work I want her to build her independence and keep herself engaged. That is exactly what all of the above toys from SHUMEETOYS have been doing. Zuzu spreads all the monster cards on the floor and then arranges and matches each of the 13 monsters. It is the bright illustration and funny names which keep her occupied. In between she becomes a teacher and asks me ‘Mumma what is his(monster’s ) name and I have to answer! And if I don’t the Little Miss will give me a punishment 🙂
We are slowly progressing towards the Tic-Tac-Toe game as far as independence is concerned. With the story cubes Zuzu tries to make some story in her own language- a thing which I am happy about .

Shumee Toys


  1. Helps in improving focus and concentration
  2. Improves motor skills, dexter skills and acedemic skills.
  3. Helps in developing fine motor skills and hadn eye coordination.
  4. Increases a child’s imagination and creativity.


We would give them a 4.8/5 all because they have vast range of toys which caters to different age groups and helps in honing different skills in kids. The slight deduction is because I found them a bit too expensive. But I also feel that since most of their toys are wood based , so that certainly calls for a price. And like they say that quality always comes at a price, so I won’t mind shelling out some extra bucks if my kid is engaged and is having a good time.

You can purchase SHUMEE toys from :


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I would like to say that , I was send these toys by SHUMEE , but the views and opinions expressed here are my own and I stand by them.


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