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Dear Society-A heart wrenching Letter from a Single Mom to the Society

A Letter to society from a Single Mom

Dear Society,

It’s no easy feat being a Single Mom. Yes, trust me on that! And when I say it is not easy, I mean it in every literal sense. I have written quite a number of emotional posts on being a single mom. But this one is a different league altogether.So when I say ‘My family is complete’ it definitely does not mean that I chose to be a single mom. It also does not mean that I am against men, or not open for a chance for a second relationship. Yes, dear society you heard it right! It simply means that I have found or rather trying to find peace in my current self. I am sure you are going to go one step further and judge me on this.

A Letter to society from a Single Mom

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20 thoughts on “Dear Society-A heart wrenching Letter from a Single Mom to the Society

  1. Each Single Mom is a super women. I recently featured a single mom and after hearing her story my life struggles looks negligible in front of her story. I loved reading your letter here. I pray to God thay your post will become eyeopener for our society.

  2. Very well written udita and not power to you! You’re points are apt and yes we need to change our mind sets and stop judging!

  3. Much power to you. RESPECT. There is a story of Lord Shiva and Parvati Mata where they show how people will judge no matter what you do or how you do. So please keep doing your job, you are wonderful!!

  4. You are a strong lady and I must say you are doing a great job raising your daughter single handedly and with so much love. More power to you. Start ignoring this so called society, you are not answerable to anyone.

  5. Loved this piece. So glad to see you staying strong and not caring about the ‘raised eyebrows’. Society jumps upon every single chance to judge a woman. Staying happy, content and peaceful within ourselves surely help us deal with this in a better way.

  6. This was such a heartfelt letter Udita! You are an awesome mom. I know society doesn’t work that way. They raise eyebrows at people who actually need more support. But you have a solid set of friends in us girl :). Don’t forget that and never let good-for-nothing people ever put you down!

  7. I don’t know how you do it, Udita! You are not only responsible for your baby but also for putting food on the table! Much respect to you for that. I don’t know if I would have been able to do it. Shame on those who judge you for living your life on your terms!

  8. I guess I have started reading your post recently only and believe me I salute for being a special mom. I don’t want to say I understand this and that. Because it takes a lot of courage and blood to raise a child single handedly. And I can only imagine it. I really wish for a new relationship in your life, not because you are a woman but because you deserve it. Hugs.. More power and more luck from my side..

  9. I remember telling you this earlier and am again repeating it here, you are a wonderful human being and Zuzu is lucky to have a tough spirited woman as her mother. Shine on, we’ve got your back! <3

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