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A Letter To My Aging Mom

As I turn older with each passing day and realize that I have a daughter to take care of . Within all this , often I tend to forget to thank my mom. Read on my heartfelt letter to her.

Dear Mom,

They say no time or no moment is good or bad to thank your mom! But I take this day and this opportunity to write a letter to you for sticking around and for being my pillar of strength till date.

A letter to my aging mom


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17 thoughts on “A Letter To My Aging Mom

  1. This was beautifully written Udita. I am still a baby for my moms and I just cannot imagine my life without her. A mom’s role is so so crucial and that’s why today I feel the responsibility to ensure I can be the same pillar of strength for Kenisha

  2. I swear I never realised how much my mother loves me till Karma was born. That ferocity of love is unimaginable till it actually happens to you. They stand by us no matter what. Its unconditional! Your letter struck a chord! 🙂

  3. Wow Udita this is such a lovely letter left me somewhat teary
    I’m a bit more than 30 & when with my mum throw tantrums and what not!
    No one can be like our mums!

  4. indeed Mom’s are our rock piller support. I love her the way she raised her. This lovely letter made me really emotional and I am immediately calling my mom.

  5. I have tears in my eyes reading this letter, how beautifully you have expressed yourself. I know how hard it becomes sometimes to directly say love you to our mom’s, months and years pass by but their love remains same. I don’t know how even at this age my mom is so active and ready to around around my kiddo anytime, hats off to mother’s, they are indeed next to God. ❤

    1. Agree Neha completely! As moms – their duty never finishes, first its the husband , then baby, then grand-kids! Woof! Motherhood is next to Godliness .

  6. This is such a sweet letter to your mom. I agree moms are the best and no matter what, we will always be baby girls who need their moms always.

  7. This is such a heartfelt post dear. I got emotional reading through. Our moms do so much for us and never expect anything in return. And yes, we should keep on making her understand that we value her so much. More than anything in this world. Loved this post from the bottom of my heart.

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