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Ang Tatva products

How many times have we gone to our old kitchen and have tried finding the perfect solution to the pimple or zit which popped up just before a party ? I am sure the answer is infinite times.
We all know the vital benefits of natural and organic products . That is the reason we tend to shift and go back to natural products. Natural products have found a place of prominence in our households. They are in the form of organic dals, and even in personal grooming stuff. Natural products are always the safest and best deal, because there are minuscule chances of getting any allergy from them.

Ang-Tatva Face pack and scrub

I will be turning 30 this year! As much as I ignore it , but my posts in some way or the other keep reminding me! Last time it was the GREEN SNACK CO post , in which I spoke about my eating habits. And this time it’s my skin care routine which is shouting from roof tops about my age!
I have never taken care of my skin. Yes you heard it right! Nor as a teenager and neither as a college going girl. Thankfully my skin has been extra kind , as I didn’t have any major breakout! So that gave me all the more reason to be ignorant of my skin .But just like your body doesn’t remain the same as you age, same applies to your skin. As I now tend to take better care of my skin , I chanced upon the Ang-Tatva range of skin care products . I am glad that I chanced upon Ang-Tatva products ,  like I said, I haven’t taken much care of my skin .And now when it is my turn to do my bit for my own skin , I thought lets go the Au-De-Naturale way!


Ang-Tatva was founded by Misha Jain . Misha is a post graduate in fashion design from Pearl Academy of Fashion . She has worked with designers like Rajesh Pratap Singh and Gaurav Gupta. After getting married she took the plunge in family business heading the designer front in their  own carpet manufacturing and export business. She was blessed with a twin pregnancy.That is when Misha quit this job and took up to fashion blogging.She also started writing for websites which promoted organic and natural remedies for different clients. Misha comes from a family who is a firm believer of home products and natural remedies. After which she started helping her friends and family by making oils for their skin problems. She got positive feedback for her efforts , after which she decided to launch Ang-Tatva! Bang on point , I really liked her story! When you start by an experience you are bound to do good. So it was the experience which led her to go the professional way and launch Ang-Tatva 4 months back.

Ang-Tatva Anti-tan ScrubAng-Tatva Face Pack


Misha was kind enough to ask me what I wanted from the store. That is when I discussed my skin problems with her . Now as I said, I never had major skin issues all through my life! I hope I don’t get them after writing this blog post! Murphy’s Law you see 😉
So the only thing which bothers me is skin tan. Now many people have a myth that dusky people do not tan! But thats not true. dusky people tan and I would say in a much horrible way! While people who are fair skinned get red pacthes al over their skin.Dusky people like me get weird dark patched whcih makes you look like an alien altogether! That is one reason I hate to see myself in the mirror after a holiday . So this is what came in the parcel:



Along with this, I also got a handy pouch and a brush for easy application of scrub and the pack.



Now , before we get started on this, I must admit that I am big fan of home-made scrubs . Before life happened(by life I mean office, motherhood and then separation) , I used to pamper my skin every Saturday . My favorite one was Besan(chick pea flour with a concoction of honey and curd). So when I got to know about Ang-tatva face scrub and its ingredients , I was pleasantly surprised.

Ang-Tatva Face Scrub

The scrub contains gram flour, turmeric , sugar, pulses and some essential ayurvedic herbs.It works best in combination with curd. A paste can be made with curd in the required consistency for this. Apply this pack on your face and let it rest for a good 5-7 minutes. You can then scrub it off by a little massage and then rinse with water. Turmeric has many skin-friendly properties and this face scrub is no different. I used the scrub for the first time , after I returned all tanned from my holiday at Solan. Now I wouldn’t say that the results were drastic. That is because all the contents are natural and mostly consist of kitchen ingredients.

I could feel visible difference in my skin after 6 days of regular usage. Since its not advised to use the scrub everyday, I stuck to it for once a week for a good 5 weeks at a stretch. This scrub has also managed to reduce the patchiness on my cheekbones, something which was giving me sleepless nights for quite some time now.

Priced at


So , like I said that almost every Saturday was spent by giving my skin a good home made face pack pamper !! Ha ha don’t get me wrong! I used to be punctual when I was a teenager. But like I said ‘Multani Mitti’ was my to-go favorite tan pack. I used to mix lemon in it and it worked wonders for my skin. Before Ang-Tatva came into my life, I was always of the mindset that nothing else can beat Multani Mitti . How wrong I was! I mean if not better, but something which is equally good is Ang-Tatva’s D-Tan Pack.

Ang-Tatva Face Pack

The D-Tan pack consists of Baking Soda, Lodhra Pwder, Turmeric Powder, Lemon Peel, Pomegranate Pee and a few pulses mix. Before the Ang-Tatva D-tan pack came in my life, I never knew what was Lodhra powder. That is when I searched on the net and found about its composition and properties. Lodhra is an ayurvedic herb and has cooling properties and is a mild astringent. The tan pack provided a mild cooling effect on my skin upon its application .

I started using the pack almost twice a week and could see the tan which I acquired at my holidays in the hills going away. This is the first time , that I didn’t have to go to parlor for an anti-tan facial. All I did was regularly followed the Ang-Tatva scrub and face pack regime at home. Like I said skin tan was one of the chronic issues I faced, even after spending a few minutes under the sun. So the Ang-Tatva D-Tan pack has really helped me in pushing the tanned skin down the drain.


Both the D-Tan Scrub and Pack came in cute little glass bottles. These glass bottles reminded me of my grandmother. She used to make pickles and kept them for seasoning in the sun in similar bottle but of bigger sizes. For those of you who are similar they were called Achar ki Barni.
The scrub and the face pack are in powder consistency form. They are not absolutely in powderish form , but have a granular consistency.They have clear contents and have  instructions written on them.
Even though they are glass bottles and there’s a certain  amount of risk in it getting broken, but I loved them!


I will give full points to Ang-Tatva’s range of Scrub and face pack for doing exactly what they claimed for. That is because there are tonnes of anti-tan products in the market and they work only where they have a certain amount of chemical in them . But this product does the trick. It is free of chemicals and is made up all natural ingredients all which are mostly found on our kitchen shelf. Of course , the tan doesn’t go in one wash, and why would it? We aren’t using any chemical bleach here- Right?
So like I said the tan took a good 6 days to go, but yes it went away! Prior to this I felt that the best remedy for a tan is your good old chemical bleach. I don’t say that this replaces the bleach, but it surely does replace one of the functions of bleach i.e. removal of tan.


We would give it a 4.5/5 . I deducted 0.5 only for the glass bottle, for once it has a risk of getting broken. But rest apart these products wins hands down as far as the usage is concerned.

I now intend to buy some products for my hair. Also I have heard a lot about their glow worm mask! Would love to try it now.

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I got these products from Misha -the owner of Ang-Tatva, but the opinions here expressed are my own. Having used these products for more than a month now, I can say that the reviews are genuine and present my experience.

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11 thoughts on “Ang-Tatva Products- My Anti-Tan Skin Care Routine

  1. Dusky and tanned… Exactly my beauty woes ?
    Is their website the only place where products are available??

  2. I am blown away by the feedback ang tatva has been getting. It’s one thing to use grandma’s remedies but to nail the science behind it while customising it according it to each client’s skin type takes it to whole another level. I have been trying out some of their stuff and given how many skin care products I buy and how many home remedies I have tried before, I can honestly say nothing else has been as effective. Their stuff is truly class apart!

  3. Ang tatva has caught my eyes several time. I love the fact that these are custom made as per your requirement. I’m a sucker for natural products and I’m definitely going to give it a try soon.

  4. I have read about these products before too. They look like great products and something which is close to nature. Anything which is pure and organic is always welcome. Thanks for the review.

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