Sincerely Chemicals Meet -By Johnsons & Johnsons

Johnsons and Johnsons invited me to attend a  presentation last weekend at Mumbai .So even before , I had reached Mumbai , I was told that it would be basically a day long workshop, where in we would be told what all goes into the making of Johnson’s baby products.

The event took place in Mumbai. I just couldn’t resist this, as it was my first bloggers kind experience. Plus it also required me to travel to a different city-Mumbai (Only I know how much I love this place-It keeps calling me back). I wouldn’t shy away from saying that since I had to travel solo, I was super excited for it. We all are moms and sometimes we need our me and solo time as well) 🙂


I had to take an early morning flight at 5AM from Delhi. That meant I had to start at 3 AM from my place. Thankfully the flight was confortable and was on time . I met  Jaishri of MOMMYSWALL.COM and Ayushi from TINYSTEP.IN at the airport. The drive from the airport was a pleasant one. This is because it was the monsoons and everything looked so beautiful and pretty.


The event took place at JW Mariott Juhu. Soon after my check in at the hotel, I quickly freshened up and reached the family lounge hall . I was so excited to meet some lovely moms whom I had met and connected on Instagram . Frankly speaking this was one thing which motivated my travel from Delhi to Mumbai. It is always fun when you meet such amazing moms. Mr James Kennedy (Head of VCE Administration- Haileybury International School , Tianjin) was the main speaker at the presentation. So like I said before the presentation started, all I could assume that the presentation would involve an insight as to what goes inside Johnsons Products. How wrong I was !Mr James was not an employee of Johnsons and Co, but a professor of Organic Chemistry who had flown down from China to give the presentation.


sincerely chemicals

There were groups of five on each table. Luckily Tara from MOMMYINGBABYT and Rakhi from LIFETHRUMYEYES and myself were in the same team. The presentation started by a brainstorming session in which different questions were raised such as – what is Organic’ , ‘Chemical Free’ , ‘Natural’ and ‘Ayurvedic’ . I know all these terms sounds closely similar, but there are minor differences between each of them .That is what the entire presentation was all about.

sincerely chemicals


So there were all sorts of questions regarding what goes into the making different kinds of products. Thus ingredients mentioned on various products should be closely read and understood. Take for an example we buy a face-wash which just highlights the active ingredients which says 90% herbal , and that just catches our attention. What we tend to miss most of the times is the inactive ingredients which constitute the product. So next time have a look at all the ingredients carefully when you buy a product.

sincerely chemicals

The event ended by two activities – In one of them we identified which is natural fragrance and which one is the lab made? The event wrapped up by an activity which required us to make shampoo . Yes we made shampoo. Of course all the ingredients were provided to us and we just had to mix it with the perfect consistency. We even won the best shampoo award! Tee hee 😉

sincerely chemicals

Finally the day ended with the team taking some media bytes .

I had a lovely time at this event and then retired to my room at the J. W. Mariott. Evenings were spent relaxing. I wanted a spa desperately and this was the best time I could get it done. But laziness creeped in, and all I did till Sunday afternoon was eat , sleep repeat.


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22 thoughts on “Sincerely Chemicals Meet -By Johnsons & Johnsons

  1. Seems like an amazing meet and also the flight sounds good! 5am is early & taking off from home at 3- I would just not sleep;)

    I would really love to be a part of such an event in future- looks fun but informative too!

    Nice pics:)

  2. Looks like it was an informative event and I am glad jhonsons is rebranding itself as a safe brand…yes we often confuse herbal ayurvedic and organic but they are different and todays market is all about marketing the products are marketed by highlighting the best and we forget to check it as always ..awareness is important …

  3. You are looking great Udita, I am sure the event was awsome. We need more such awareness events in our country so that we can understand what is good for our kids. JnJ has done a great job by organising this event.

  4. sessions like these would totally educate one as a consumer. It would really help people’s buying decisions if everyone was so transparent.

  5. That was really an awesome experience for you. It was seems like a fun loving and interesting seminar. You got to learn many things there which is the best part and also met fellow moms of instagram. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  6. Five star experience for a five star mom! ? But seriously, to learn about a brand and its product in such detail and be able to discuss your concerns and suggestions face to face is priceless! I wish I was there too and had a chance to meet you and be part of the event!

  7. Looks like an interesting meet for moms by J& j. Their products got too much attention in last few years but hope they clarified things in this meet.

  8. It was a lovely event indeed. So great to meet you. The session itself was an eye opener. Everything around us contains chemicals and there is really no need to be so afraid of the word.

  9. Wow that’s an awesome opportunity udita and I am so proud of you as a blogger. You get to attend one event and that too by Johnsons that’s called a big one.

    Johnsons is a trust worthy brand no matter how many products come in the market and go.


  10. I’ve heard a lot about Johnson & Johnson in the news lately and wondered about this! What a great meet, I would’ve totally been there! I want to be proactive in the things I use in my home with my kids and going to something like this would be what I need to do!

  11. That sounded like a fun little trip alone, with your fellow bloggers. It’s always good to take on these types of experiences not just as a blogger (good share btw), but also as a mom. Knowing how many millions of moms use this brand, it helps settle the nerves on whether or not this stuff is “cancerous”. I won’t get into that, but I’ve heard so much about products for babies causing cancer. I use it, I’m not really big on the he said, she said what. I used it as a child, I use it on my kids.. and usually any cancer is caused by life in general. Thanks for the informative experience.

    Maria |

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