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Well ,well if you are still reading the heading of this blog , yes you read it right! Munchies and healthy surely can go hand in hand.
I have to admit I am a complete food hogger . In fact I don’t even think twice before gobbling an entire packet of chips . All my life I have been a great food of fan , and till a few weeks back I was in the habit of munching things between meals. All thanks to the fact, that I didn’t gain weight very easily . In fact, in my entire pregnancy , I did not gain remarkable weight . Even for the few pounds I put in , it didn’t show on my body.

But off lately , I started observing one thing , that I started looking as though I had gained substantial weight. Now why I said that ? It is because in all these thirty years ( Yes I will turn 30 this year) , whenever I used to put on weight , it never showed on my body . Well that is definitely not the case now. And I have realized the fact, that your body does not remain the same in your entire life . It changes at different stages and you need at change your habits and lifestyle accordingly.

The Green Snack Co

I am glad , I was able to identify these changes in my body.That is when I immediately stopped having snacks between meals. And the GREEN SNACK CO’s healthy munchies came in at the right time. I am sure all of you might be wondering that how can snacks be healthy? That is exactly what came in my mind too. But the GREEN SNACK Co is exactly breaking that kind of myth. I have recently started my fitness regime , and these healthy munchies fit perfectly into my recent diet changes.Changing to a healthy eating option is a decision I took , and the snacks from GREEN SNACK Co are very well helping me in dealing with hunger pangs.


As a mom I  feel , we neglect ourselves so often that after a certain while it starts costing on us . The shift to healthy foods taken by me was a conscious decision. And why not ? If we are not healthy , how can we assume our kids to follow the pattern ? Charity begins at home , and I really want my little one to inculcate good eating habits. As an individual , I have never read what goes into the making of a snack or something similar. But when quite recently I felt that my body started behaving in a different way to the same set of foods , I thought it was time to mend my ways. These healthy munchies have become my constant work companion. I can grab and eat them without having any guilt settle in me.The Kale Crisps are prepared through a unique process of dehydration that does not involve baking or frying, and keeps the nutritional value and raw goodness of the ingredients intact while the Quinoa puffs are roasted.These delicious and super convenient, super-healthy snacks will keep you satisfied throughout the day.The best part about these is that they do not contain any MSG or preservatives.


The GREEN SNACK CO is a brand by Control Alt Foods that has come up with a range of authentically healthy yet tasty products.Basically the trick is to have munchies which are healthy.

The Green Snack Co


The snackers arrived in a very beautiful paper packet . It consisted of 4 packets .These were :



As soon as I got to know that I was to try and review these healthy snack options, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear. That is because , these snacks are currently resonating with my diet and fitness regime . We are loving the quinoa puffs range of healthy snackers . Kale is a taste which we need to acquire with time . Frankly speaking like I said , I was never into healthy eating. Things like quinoa, kale, chia seeds , flax seeds is something which I used to read on the Internet only. But having read the added benefits of quinoa , I think I will also be making quinoa khichdi at home. My little one loves quinoa puffs. The zesty kale variant was a bit spicy for her taste buds , but that certainly didn’t prevent her from having more from the plate. I can now be assured that I do not have to buy packaged stuff which is baked or fried from the store. These puffs and crisps are best as they are :

  1. They are preservative free
  2. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins
  3. Gluten free
  4. Not fried and not baked


We would give this healthy piece of snacker a good 4/5 🙂
I am planning to stock more quinoa puffs in my kitchen now.

You can buy THE GREEN SNACK CO at :

They are in also available in major grocery stores such as Food Hall, Nature’s Basket, Modern

If you want to know more about them check their web page:

Also if you want to have another review before you try these , check out Lata’s post at THE FABULOUSMOM LIFE


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24 thoughts on “Green Snack Co- Taste the goodness of healthy munchies

  1. SO true, our body changes as we approach 30 and beyond. It is important to quit all the junk food habits and stay healthy. A snacking option that provides health and nutrition is so welcome then. Loved the pics in your review here.

  2. I’m always on a lookout for such snacks, love to munch but then don’t love to add to my weight 😉
    Great review so gonna try this!

  3. just curious – if not fried and not baked, how are they made? The product looks very unusual – unusual ingredients, unusual methods… your review looks promising, would want to give these a try 🙂

    1. They were a bit spicy for Zu’s taste buds, but that didn’t stop her from grabbing them!

    1. Yes Jiya absolutely! Tara’s baby T loves these! and he is a little less than 2 years

  4. I totally agree that out body changes as we grow older and it’s really important to quit junk to stay healthy.
    Thanks a lot for sharing about this brand..I’m gonna try for sure.

  5. Thank God you shared this piece of information. I have a bad habit of having snacks in between the meals. Simply because I feel hungry. But now I can have healthy snacks without any guilt

  6. Hey I would love to try them myself…. Tha ks for introducing we meet some healthy muchning and this seems to be a great option.


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