IndieprojectStore- A modern twist to Indian Fabrics for Kids


Quite recently I chanced upon this beautiful store on Instagram called ‘THE INDIEPROJECTSTORE’ .I was eyeing their store for quite sometime on Instagram .But couldn’t get any hands on the lovely stuff ,all owing to my lazy nature and also because I keep forgetting things. Being a mom, I am pretty sure it is allowed.

So when I first came across their store ,their comfortable clothing range was what pulled me towards them. This will make you guess as to what exactly is comfortable clothing ? Well to answer that question , comfortable to me is something which is soft and breathable. It is a known fact that clothes for babies and kids are generally designed using soft fabrics. But the idea and the thought process behind the Store is what pulled me towards them .


Have you ever thought what makes the baby or a kid most comfortable? Well it’s the mother’s touch . Going one step further in this case, its the fabric which the mother is wearing . Ever wondered why our moms were always in the most cottony stuff when they were at home ? Well that is because , it was the cotton which made us more comfortable and snugly when we hugged her . I still remember I used to love when my mom used to change in her night gown . The soft cotton texture had something about it. That is one of the many things which pulled me to THE INDIEPROJECTSTORE. The stuff they design is majorly in cotton . Also cotton is purely breathable and light . And that’s what resonates with their tag lines .

The tag line goes like INDIEPROJECTSTORE –Thoughtful, contemporary designs for free spirited little people. Kids are free spirited , active and lost in their own world and discovering things and surroundings at their own whims and fancies . The INDIEPROJECTSTORE has designed their clothes in tandem with the same theory . A kid should be comfortable and in his own skin- and THE INDIEPROJECTSTORE is second best to their own skin.



The Indie Project aims to ‘bring unusual choices of products to thoughtful consumers.The store designs clothes, toys and accessories for boys and girls aged between 1- 5 years. They have brought together traditional contemporary pieces and woven them into something gorgeous and extraordinary with the help of local artisans which includes a number of entrepreneurial mothers and small business owners in India. By this noble initiative they have helped a lot of woman and local artisans.The shop started in Aug 2016 and gained instant popularity because of their fresh take on Indian traditional Fabrics, creating contemporary and modern kids wear with the locally produced and sourced fabrics.


What I loved most about this store were their founders . When you speak to Shilpi- one of the founders , you will get to know that what a sweet person she is. I am not into designing by any means, and I hardly understand the technicalities behind fabrics and their names. So when she sent me one of the dresses from the store for my little daughter, I was completely unaware of the fabric and its technicality. Shilpi , on the other hand patiently listened to all my queries on whatsapp and answered them one by one. I don’t know what would have happened if it would have been someone else ! Also you should check out their Instagram page, the way she writes about kids , is something you don’t want to miss.


Here’s what Shipi has to say about starting THE INDIEPROJECTSTORE :

I was at a very high position in one of The renowned MNCs and quit my job once I moved to another state after marriage and before I could start working again I was preggers, because of which I decided to stay at home, because I wanted to be more involved in raising my child. I started freelancing for an NGO, in this phase of life I realized how much mothers sacrifice, I had so much to offer professionally but all was kept aside because my child was my first priority but then I felt there maybe a lot of women who feel just like this (Women do happen to be more talented, hardworking and smarter?).

We love our children but we do need another outlet in life, to just be us (who we are) and also keep doing something so that when we do decide to get back to work, we are not outdated and short on experience.That’s why I started Indie Project (the name means Independent projects) where we bring all sorts of folks running small businesses and just need the platform to showcase their work. All our makers work independently and consultation with us but nor for us, they are their own bosses.

Satya – who is the other founder is an ex-defence service man’s daughter. She is passionate about doing good for the community, the surroundings.  It was when Shilpi shared the idea of INDIEPROJECTSTORE to her, she just couldn’t resist .That is because the very essence of INDIEPROJECTSTORE was to be mindful of our community , surroundings and the ecosystem.



Here’s what Shilpi has to say about started the INDIEPROJECTSTORE:

This shop came into existence when we couldn’t find light weight, breathable protective wear for my (then) 1 year old. We were traveling to a rain forest and as per the American association of Pediatrics was not allowed to use any bug repellents or ointments on the baby. Only option was Clothing layers to cover him up and the market had no options (back then) that could keep the baby covered yet comfortable. That’s when we started experimenting with locally produced fabrics and realized how appropriate these fabrics are for hot and humid weather.

My business partner and I were already working for an NGO . We  didn’t want to move farther away from our personal ambitions. That is why we decided to start a store that would help us continue to support the community in a unique way. We source our fabrics locally, design the products ourselves and then pass them on to NGOs or self employed businesses . Thus in this way we create more income generating opportunities. Today we even share our sales platform with multiple independent makers who encourage conscious consumerism.

They have plans of bringing in variety of fabrics from all over India . This  includes loads of naturally dyed and hand block printed options . They also intend to bring more partners on board who have been working with natural fabrics like bamboo, hemp and organic cotton .



As an individual , I have always been a fan of good quality cotton. I love western outfits, but nothing beats the free-feeling you get when you wear a Kurta! I am a big fan of Warli , Tye n Dye , Kalamkari designs on cotton fabrics. And when I stumbled upon the store , I couldn’t help myself but gleam from ear to ear. That is because there are not much options in contemporary fabrics available for kids in the market.

Here’s what is getting us more in love with the brand :
  1. All their clothing range comes from socially conscious makers.
  2. Most of the families they work with are small family run or women owned businesses from marginalized communities (Yay for women)
  3. They promote fair trade and ethical business practices- that means all families work in consultation with THE INDIEPROJECTSTORE, but they are their own bosses.
  4. They bring together a good blend of Indian prints with a classic modern twist.
  5. Last but not the least , it has a mother’s heart in it, so that takes my heart.

In the above pictures Zuzu is seen flaunting the ‘MANGALGIRI DRESS  and the ‘FOLKLORE TALES’ dress from the store.

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23 thoughts on “IndieprojectStore- A modern twist to Indian Fabrics for Kids

  1. Zuzu is looking so cute. I loved the dresses and will surely love to try them soon for my kids. Thanks for sharing the inputs on the brand.

  2. I love Indieprojectstore stuff for babyT too. We have two of their kurtas for him. I need to stock up again soon. I loved Zuzu in her little mangalgiri dress. Reminded me of our childhood where we wore such comfy cotton clothes and frocks. Wow

    1. I know Tara, their dresses take me to my childhood, when all we had were 3-4 dresses for the entire week .And two reserved for special occasions.

  3. Lovely outfits, indeed! I love hand block prints and would surely want to try it out on my kids. Good to know that there is a brand that keeps the comfort of kids in mind and provides a blend of tradition and modernity.

  4. That kurtha looks so cute on your daughter
    .. all of us are trying to switch to organic aco-friendly products. I’ve used some too 🙂 here is the link below –


  5. I love that Indieprojectstore is a dream of a SAHM Mom which has grown into a relity. it gives us all dreams to work with, to believe in our dreams, and to do good in the process. I think they are such role models <3
    I love the fabric and how breathable and perfect it is for our summers, <3
    And Zuzu looks so so adorable and you
    have made such great choices

  6. Wow zuzu looks so cute and as usual I love her oh do adorable expressions… Indie project store is a great brand and I love their earthy and Indian touch.


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