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This is how mommy war starts

We are living in the age of digital boom and with the many advantages, it also comes with its own set of cons, one being the onset of mommy wars!

You might be wondering as to what is the relation between digital era and mom wars. There is definitely a relation and that is what exactly we will be explaining in this blog post. With the advent of ever growing social networking platform, we are equipped with various social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat .


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16 thoughts on “This is how mommy war starts

  1. I think it is positive that moms are coming out on to the social platform and sharing their views. The internet is a wide place and place exists for everyone to say what they want to. ? I like that your blog post presents a balanced view of the situation.

  2. Udita,I agree with you. Writing a blog is not alone but there’s both acceptance and rejection of your views. Because every story is different from others and that mostly calls for a war?

  3. I agree with your poits shared in the Post. We start comparing I was reading a post of a digital psychology where experts were telling that people first disagree with a person in her mind then he checkout the profile and then he compares and then he start trolling the other person. Very common these days.

    1. Agree Jiya, people think that just because some moms are very open about their life on Social media, they think its easier for them to target.

  4. I totally agree to this. Also I believe that social media as become more platform for people to vent out their frustrations to each other.people often forget that we grow by raising people around us too

  5. Agree. Technology has its own sets of pros and cons. For mums internet is a great space to discover new ideas and share their own. But of course they are the most vulnerable to criticism and judgment too, on the same space.

  6. I love it when moms openly share their routines and tips out there in social media. It is every one’s opinion to reject that or accept it.

  7. These apps are really helpful for moms specially who sit at home and less connected with the social world. This helps them to show their own skills through these mediums.

  8. Its ok to share your views and your opinions but it is equally important to tespect other person’s opinion as well.
    Really enjoyed reading this post .It made my day.

    1. Agree Veena, sometimes we forget that the person sharing is a mom only and each one has her own share of experiences

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