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parenting mantra

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As a single mom to my lovely daughter, my parenting journey is no less different than a normal parenting. They say you get to learn parenting only when you become one. And that holds true in my case as well. I feel that no book, no Internet search can teach you how to be the perfect or the best parent unless you become one.

Just like a soldier doesn’t know anything until he sees a battle field same applies to us. We do not know what is a cranky or a clingy baby until we have those moments ourselves. Each day is a new day in terms of planning, execution and learning.Yes we learn each day. No wonder we all pass through nine months of pregnancy about reading things related to a new born baby but its a different ball game altogether when the baby enters our lives.

As a mom many times I feel overwhelmed when my daughter gives me a tough time. By tough time I mean when she doesn’t want to sleep and I am tired or when she checks my patience levels!  After such experiences I felt that it is not the baby who poses the challenge , but our own thinking .

parenting mantra

Presenting our Mantra.  I would like to call it our Mantra, because no Mantra is successful until it is successful with Zuzu. Presenting the :



It’s absolutely okay if we have mommy guilt in these beautiful journey of parenting.As moms we tend to do so much for our families ignoring ourselves.In this process if our kids fall sick or get hurt we start blaming ourselves.This is a perfectly normal scenario for us as moms.That is because I feel the guilt gene gets embedded in our DNA the day we became moms. Its alright to have guilt moments once or twice , but don’t let it get onto you.


We all go through sleepless nights in the initial few months of motherhood . It’s during those times when the baby refuses to sleep and when we just want to give up on motherhood! Yes you heard it right, give up! This happened with me as well, and I used to cry a lot in the initial months after Zuzu was born. I used to always yearn for the times when she would go to sleep so that I could get some ‘ME-TIME’ . My advise to moms to be or new moms would be that its okay to cry out and let it all out at sometimes. Just hold onto the moment as eventually it too shall pass.

parenting mantra


Please don’t judge me for the above saying, let me explain you a bit. Ever heard of the saying ‘ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY’. The same applies to our kids as well. They are naive and young, so they definitely do not know the rights and the wrongs. It is our duty as responsible parents to be patient with them and make them understand. So if we really need to raise mindful kids , it takes some time and patience to taste that sweet fruit.


There are many times when we want the kids do to things our way. Say for example we want them to just sleep but they want to spend the time just before sleeping by colouring . Even if you are tired, sometimes you are forced to take in their whims and fancies , all because they are your kids- Right? The above mentioned pointer also has a much deeper meaning associated with it. When these kids grow up we should respect what they decide to choose as their career and respect their individuality.

parenting mantra


Hey no, I am not propagating causing harm or hurt to our babies.Quite recently I have seen many parents who are too over protective of their kids.That should not be the case in  my opinion. Let them fall, and rise themselves. If we don’t let them do this themselves we would be raising  dependent kids. Of course it takes a little heart to just stop by and let your kid see rising and patting off the dust by his short all by himself. But trust me this will take him to greater heights. Embracing dirt and pain is important to raise mindful kids.


Remember the old times, when we lost the race when we were kids? Our parents always used to tell us , its always the participation factor which counts.It applies to today’s times. It is not just plain motivation message, but a thing which indeed grooms and prepares them for future.

parenting mantra

I am sure ,all these tips and mantras resonate with you as well!I would love to hear from you as well your ‘IT’S OKAY POINTERS’.

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12 thoughts on “My Parenting Mantra- IT’S OKAY SERIES

  1. Very nice pointers from you! Really sometimes we take things too seriously as a parent and stress ourselves and kids. It’s really okay to fumble, to fall as Long as there is positivity to get up.

  2. If my opinion alone was considered, this is the best blog i have read in a while!!
    Every point you make is very valid, practical and much required! Extending a big hug for understanding what each of us goes through!! Lovely read.

  3. I have bookmarked this post and sharing it with fellow mommies….Your post is a must read in days where we beat ourselves up…..I am sure it will provide a lot of comfort to a lot of mommies out there…Thanks for the lovely post 🙂

  4. Loved it Udita and my it’s ok series is to let them be what they are every child is different and special so it’s ok

    I loved all your pointers and kind off going to stick to being ok thanks a ton

  5. Great write up !
    I havent experienced motherhood yet ,but will surely look back to this blog when it’s the right time for some good learnings as a parent 🙂

  6. It surely is ok to be cool about parenting and not to take everything too seriously. It’s difficult sober to not have that guilt or be difficult on oneself but mom’s got to learn. Perfect post.

  7. You are such an inspiration to me Udita! And I am glad you chose this topic. It is really okay how our children fare. Neither they, nor us moms, need to be judged. We are born with different personalities and dance to our rhythm. It is all really okay!

  8. And that how’s I feel it’s okay to be a mom who is not running around or ensuring that the child is getting everything they demand.


  9. Awesome post Udita. So well written. Loved the lines no internet search can teach us what a pefect parent is unless you become one. Is a beautiful journey yet challenging.
    Hats off to your positivity in your parenting style.

  10. Loved this it’s ok series. I too believe in most of these principles. Most of the times i realise we are judging the child from an adult perspective which is a result of years and years of conditioning. How unfair is that. This realisation has helped me calm down a lot.

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