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Freshistry products

I am finally penning down this, now that my site is up and running.I had been procrastinating this for quite some time .I am also thankful to the FRESHISTRY team for being so patient with me and understanding the fact that I work full time and manage a hyperactive toddler and this sweet quaint place -Yes , My blog ‘WITHLOVEZUZU’ .

I recently got a few products from team FRESHISTRY , and will be sharing them in my blogpost today.Freshistry got in touch with me and sent  their two products for review.So lets get started on this.

Freshistry customized products


Well,well I am sure you must have heard a lot about freshly brewed coffee and beer.It’s time for some freshly brewed cosmetics.FRESHISTRY as the name suggest is the ‘Chemistry of Fresh Products’ . The definition is something to which you can relate to and is sure to catch your attention.The brand allows you to make your own customization product according to your needs.Now mind you these needs not only take care of your skin type.They also make sure the customizing option goes to the next height of providing products which appeal to your sensory organs.Yes I am not kidding here, you can choose the fragrance as well as per your own choices.Isn’t that great and super innovative!

Freshistry is a brand new concept of buying skin and hair care products by customizing them online. We call them FRESHY’s because every product is freshly brewed for each one of you!


So basically , Freshistry allows you to make your own products customizing as per different portions , fragrances and main ingredient of the product.I got two of their lovely products ,so will be sharing how I go them customized.So basically this is how exactly the customizing part of the products works on their website :



Thankfully , I am blessed with normal skin(By normal I means its a combination skin).



I chose a gel based wash here.



I chose lavender for the face cream and lemongrass for the face wash.

So that is how I prepared my product according to my skin type and the fragrances I love.While I was preparing my product on the FRESHISTRY WEBSITE , I felt like a child standing at the Subway joint and asking the person what all sauces to add, the bread to used for my Sub.Yes trust me the feeling is more or less similar to preparing your own product! And why not ?
Within 5 days of placing the order , the product was at my doorstep.


Packaging is one thing which team Freshistry has hit on the point.I just couldn’t get my eyes off the packet.The face wash and cream came wrapped in a black satin potli cum pouch which was fastened with a golden thread.The pouch had the words ‘Freshistry’ written on it along with the logo of a cute little scientist.Of course looks is not everything , in terms of the exact product.But the way these guys have gone with their packaging stuff, that is indeed commendable.Another thing which won my heart was the fact that it came with a personalized message card for me and also my name written on the Face cream and Face wash jar.This stole my heart! I mean anything personalized just does that and this is the same.



Ok, so before I got the products , I browsed through the FRESHISTRY WEBSITE . And a very decent thought came in my mind.So the thought goes lile – have we ever thought ‘HOW FRESH ARE OUR SKIN PRODUCTS’ ? . I mean yes, everything comes with a date of manufacture and expiry , but do we really know the exact thing?Just because it comes as a label on the packet we believe.That is exactly what pulled me to FRESHISTRY’S concept.

Freshisty face cleanser
You make a product online and it gets custom made as per your needs. So what I am trying to say here is the products are not just lying in some warehouse. The product is freshly made and delivered to you thereafter. The face wash is my favorite out of the two and its almost finished. I will share of the picture of the face wash jar(its not in a very good condition). That truly shows the extensive extent to which I have used it.

The face wash was in a gel based format with sage as the active ingredient.I have to admit , that there was an instant glow after washing my face with this and it left my skin spiking clean after the wash.The cleanser faired particularly well for my T-Zone , which is major problem area for me.The cream has the same consistency and feels as bleach(only look wise).Its very soft and gets absorbed in the skin .I am not a much of a face cream person, so I didn’t use it much .But I am actually saving this when the dryness starts to seep into my skin.The lavender fragrance of the cream is something you don’t want to miss.Below mentioned are some of the features which the brand has to offer:

  • Vegan
  • Paraben-Free
  • Freshly brewed
  • Pure Herbal Extract


The products are decently priced.Of course it is a bit higher than you regular products which you get off the shelf at super amrket stores.But all this comes freshly brewed and I don’t mind spending some extra bucks in this process.

The price of Face Cleanser is I.N.R 375 and the link is  :

Udita’s Face Cleanser

The price of Face Cream is I.N.R 345 and the link is :

Udita’s Face Cream



You can check these amazing products at : FRESHISTRY.COM






I got these products from Freshistry for free, but the opinions here expressed are my own





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