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Top 10 Single mom quotes to live by

Am I upto the challenge of single mom?Well the answer is yes.Don’t judge me for that, as this is not the life I had imagined for myself.

Single mom article

Single parenting is no different from normal parenting. Both come with same set of challenges.These include sleepless nights, fussy eaters, finding the right day care for the baby among other things. But when you are a single parent you are all by your own.There are many days when I feel overwhelmed but I find solace in some quotes and messages .These quotes are the ones which resonate with me and also provide me my daily dose of confidence and happiness.

Read on my quotes which uplifts my spirits when I am tired and down at  THE CHAMPA TREE
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24 thoughts on “Top 10 Single mom quotes to live by

  1. A super mom. Beautiful quotes. Our words won’t lessen your burden bt you n your strength is source of inspiration for us. Love you and keep writing ..jus love reading your blogs

  2. This is an amazing read, Udita! I just loved it!
    These quotes are just superfilled with positivity. They had a sparkling effect on me.At the same time, I could realize the amount and intensity of struggle a single parent goes through.
    More power and strength to you and all the single parents around.
    & Love to you and zuzu.

  3. I think you are a wonderful mother and father for Zuzu. Letting her not miss the void and being on top of everything!

  4. I have a huge respect for single parents as definitely they wouldn’t have thought about leading life this way ..but they are ..with a smile on their face for their little one …and performing double duty ..

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