Mamaearth Products for moms- Product Review

We have been using the Mamaearth range of baby products for my little one Zuzu, since a close to six months now.I was really fascinated by the fact that these products were completely safe to use on a newborn or a toddlers skin .The products are 100% natural and made with natural ingredients.So when I hopped on this journey of Mamaearth baby care range, I tried their Baby Shampoo for Zuzu, and trust me her hair grew softer with each wash!At that point of time I used to wonder if babies can have natural products, then why not moms?Fast forward to the present day, and I think God made at least this wish come true!

Yes, Mamaearth came up with their Mothers Range of products!So this Mother;s Day was extra special for me. I received the skin and hair care range.Mamaearth has come up with this product which is free of Sulfates, Mineral Oils, Parabens, Dyes & Synthetic Fragrances.I was sent three of their products, and I will be sharing my experiences on using the same.
Team MAMAEARTH send me three products for review:

1.Mamaearth Argan Hair Mask
2.Mamaearth Under Eye Cream
3.Mamaearth Calming Body Wash

Highlighting some of the important features of Mamaearth Range:

1.They are India’s first MADESAFE brand.
2.Are Parabens/Sulphate Free.
3.Are free from Dyes and Synthetic Fragrances.
4.Dermatologically tested.


So like every other mom, I too don’t have the time to go the market and purchase stuff. I’d rather sit at home and buy stuff online.All because ,you get the products at the luxury of sitting at your home.So one fine day the mom in was shopping as usual and ordered a shampoo online.I started using it, but after a few washes, it left my hair completely dry and frizzed out.To cut the long story short, I think,  that I got a fake product from the online store.Well, well mistakes happen.So my hair was left completely dry and looked awful.So just when I switched to home made remedies to get life back into my hair, the MAMAEARTH ARGAN HAIR MASK just arrived in time.

After the first wash, my hair fell a bit coarse, but I guess that was the departing effect of the duplicate shampoo.From the second and third washes, my hair started coming back to life-like literally.The Argan hair mask did the repair for my hair leaving it tamed and nourished.Thankfully, my postpartum hair loss period is over now, but I regularly suffer hair fall at different parts of the year.But with MAMAEARTH now occupying a place on my washroom shelf, I am pretty confident that hair loss stories will soon be a thing of the past.Full points to MAMAEARTH for this one!


Lately, I have been keeping very busy at work thanks to my erratic work timings. Being a full time working mom and managing content for my own blog and other blogs ensure that I spent maximum time of the day in front of the laptop.And as luck would have it , already have baggy eyes.

So just like the hair mask, this too came to my rescue right in time.I guess MAMAEARTH is a blessing in disguise for me.The Mamaearth under eye cream is a soft cream which gets easily absorbed into the skin.I have been using it since for over a month now, and even though I am not very regular with it, but can see the visible differences around the areas of my eyes.Puffiness and dark circles around the eyes take quite some time to vanish.Since they appeared because you spent numerous hours in front of the screen and by not giving your eyes the proper rest, they will take their own time to go!Yes, trust me on that.
They won’t vanish overnight.However, I can still see a visible reduction in puffiness around my eyes.

The best part about this product is that is chemical free.This is because I don’t have to bother much while applying it around the sensitive areas around my eyes.


Now I am not very much into body washes, for some reason I prefer the good old soaps.Call me old-fashioned or whatsoever, but that’s like how I am.So when the Mamaearth Calming Body Wash came in the parcel, I was pretty excited to try this.My eyes popped in gleam when I saw the text ‘CALMING’ written on it.
Since most of you know, I am a full time working mom and lately, I have been working odd hours.I generally wind my work late at 10 P.M. IST, and then after that, I prefer taking shower before having my dinner and then finally crashing into the bed.

I started using the body wash and I must say that I am head over heels in love with this product.I am not kidding but a bath with this body wash after a long and tiring day at work, does wonders to my body .I do not know how to explain the term ‘calming’! But yes I do feel relaxed after taking my bath with this wash.What draws me to the product is the fact is that it has a very mild fragrance.I am not against fragrances, but yes I did my research on fragrances properly when Zu was born.The more fragrant a toiletry or a soap is, more are the chances of additives in it.

So I am happy that this one is low on the fragrant parameter.One thing which I would like to highlight here is the fact that, it doesn’t lather much.Also the fact that, the pump allows only a small amount which doesn’t give me satisfaction.The amount which the pump dispenses is quite less. I would, therefore, recommend them to come with a non-dispensing pump.Nonetheless, they can come up with two variants-Pump one for travel purpose and a normal one for the daily purpose.

The prices and quantity of the products are :

The 200 ml jar is priced at I.N.R 599 .

The 50 ml pack is priced at I.N.R 500

the 349 ml pack is priced at I.N.R 349.

You can have a look at their entire range at :

I would say these products have managed to impress me a  lot by their chemical free range.
I will also be trying their charcoal face mask soon, with my friends giving great reviews about it as well.



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