I Am Happy When

Happiness- the most cliched word in today’s time.Why cliche? It is purely because of the fact that, if someone asks you ‘Are you happy’, not everyone would answer back immediately with a Yes.
In these modern times, we get all sorts of online and Facebook quizzes which claim to judge your happiness parameter.Rewind to the old times when life was much simpler and I was a student in a school. As a 90’s kid, I found joys in little things such as Sunday indulgence in Halwa Poori, summer vacations in the hills at grandparents place, and the much awaited Diwali shopping among other such things.


Fast forward to present day, if one were to ask me I am happy when would say that perspectives have completely changed.Why that has happened ?. Well because I am a mother now.We all know how much our mothers love us and will continue to do so no matter what.I am no different in this case.

So I am happy when I get back from work to pick up my almost 2.5-year-old daughter from day care.There are times when I just rush off from work with a heavy heart.This is because mom guilt mode just bites on to me many times.The joy I see in my daughter’s eyes when she sees me is something which cannot be put into words.Till date, I still remember the day when I dropped my nine-month-old daughter to the day care.That was one day I was restless all day along.I had butterflies in my stomach and felt I was reliving my class 10 board exam days.As that day neared its end,there were tears of joys in my eyes and my heart was racing quite a bit.

As a kid, I often used to wonder why my mom had tears in her eyes, when she was the happiest. I can relate to that feeling of hers now when I am a mother.There’s no better fuel which drives my happiness apart from this.I often end up in tears when I see her after a grueling day at work.The gleam in my little one’s eyes is one thing which makes me go back to work every single day.Her adjusting attitude also helps me in kicking off that mommy guilt down the drain.The very thought of seeing my little one does the trick and just makes my tiredness go away in a matter of seconds

Putting my daughter in the daycare was a decision I took. And looking at the present day, I feel glad that I took this important decision.Seeing her play and laugh when I arrive at the center is something which I consider as a gift to myself.I can closely say that evening are the best part of the entire day for me.

Many people define their happiness with goal completion, salary hikes e.t.c.Before you get me judging, I am not saying they are wrong in doing that.Of course, every one has different priorities so different scales of happiness.I find my daily dose of happiness in my super active and cheerful daughter!


I AM HAPPY WHEN – I pick up Zuzu ( my daughter) from daycare after work.

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29 thoughts on “I Am Happy When

  1. What a heartfelt post. As a kid I went to day care from the time I was 9 months too and agree that meeting mom at the end of the day was my highlight as well.

  2. So true earlier my happiness was in travelling ,going out having fun outings and now it is just the smile on his face…it gives me eternal happiness when he says mumma …I was never this emotional ..anyways your site looks beautiful…

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  3. Happiness cannot be measured and would have different meanings for different people. But this small moments of happiness create better memories

  4. Lovely.. i got few chances to see this happiness on your face when i accompanied you to pick zuzu from day care..
    So, I would comment what makes me happy. Recently i have started swimming as mode of workout. The time which i spend in pool learning and trying to make my technique better makes me happy. I know it may sound shallow to define this as being happy but it takes away my stress and so makes me feel more alive..

  5. Awwwww that’s such a straight from heart post….I love the way you write. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  6. What a beautiful read.Loved every bit of it.A priceless narrative in this materialistic world.Emotion evoking and thought provoking indeed!!!

  7. Udita , you have a superb sense of writing and consolidating all emotions beautifully . After reading this I am feeling proud and happy being a mom. Looking forward to more happy writings ?

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  8. What makes me happy-
    1. When I set a goal for myself as small as cleaning a cupboard and get it done, I feel happy.
    2. Cooking is not my cup of tea, still when I try to make some dish with the help of YouTube and my hubby eats one extra chapati that day.. I feel happy.
    3. Discovering motherhood each day with my 4months 2weeks old baby makes me happy.
    4. Having some Me time and soothing my heart with my own poetries also makes me happy.
    5. Last but not the least, having to read such heartfelt thoughts from you time and again…. Ahhaa, I am happy again!!
    You’re lucid style of writing is a joy to read. Keep penning. 🙂

  9. This is such a beautifully written post Udita 🙂 so touching. I am actually dreading the days when i have leave him at day care. We all grow with them may be

  10. Very well written. Only a mother can raise a child alone and u have the pen power too. Keep it up . Saklani

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