SebaMed Baby Body Wash- Review

We recently won the SebaMed Baby Body Wash in a contest arranged by MomBloggers Club India. We received the product close to three weeks back, and we have been using this ever since.We can’t stop raving about, as we are in love with this new found discovery!
A baby’s’ skin is so sensitive that finding the right lotions/body wash and other bath regime things are often considered as a kind of love which a mother showers on her baby, and it also makes the parents search for the perfect brands for their little one which is mild on their skin.
As mothers, we tend to take utmost care of our baby, and we take all extra precautions to ensure their well-being.This well being covers their physical as well as social needs.We buy the best of baby foods, maintain strict hygiene levels and use the best products on their body.I must admit like every other, I too was very apprehensive whenever I try a new product on my toddler’s body that’s because they are blessed with an ultra sensitive skin and as a mother, you want to be the last person to see some allergic reaction develop on your baby/toddler.So before I try any new products on my toddler girl, I do the following things:

1.I always tend to do a Ph test of the product to be used.A Ph test always is a sure scientific way to test if the product has any alkaline or acidic properties.Any of these properties if found in beyond permissible limits can cause an allergic reaction on the body.The Sebamed body wash has a pH of 5.5 which is said to be ideal for a healthy skin.

2.I always use the product on my skin for a good 3-4 days.In some cases, I even end up using more than half of the packets’ contents, but I don’t mind that either, all because it has to be use on my toddler’s skin.So it’s always a good idea to be safe than sorry.The Sebamed body wash was completely mild and safe, therefore I decided to use it for my toddler’s bath regime.

3.After I am fully satisfied, we finally add the product to our bath time regime.

Sebamed comes from Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 1983, is the sales company for Sebamat GmbH, Herzpunkt Pharma GmbH, and Maurer Pharma GmbH. .They are one of leading skin care medicated brands in the world.Their baby care range is particularly popular across all families of the world.All the Sebamed products have a pH of 5.5 which is said to maintain healthy skin scientifically.

The SebaMed baby wash Extra Soft primarily consists of Aqua, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Laureth-6 Carboxylate, Parfum,Benzyl Alcohol.It is 100 % soap and alkali free, which is effective for gentle and daily cleansing.It also provides protection against irritation.The best part is it has a tear-free formula, which doesn’t make my toddler cry.Even though she has a habit of crying, as soon as I apply any wash, soap on her face.Dom;t know when will this stop. 🙂

As said we got this product as a prize from Mom Bloggers Club India, and all they asked was an honest opinion.That is what exactly I have been doing here.I wanted to put the product to a good use of at least 3 weeks so that I can write an honest review.Bath times are hit with all kids, and my toddler girl is no different.The Sebamed Baby Wash is transparent and has a very fine consistency.It has a very mild fragrance which I must say is quite soothing keeping in mind that it will be used on a new born’s body as well.Also, I have read, more the fragrances, more is the chance of additives in the product used , which in turn might lead to more irritation on the skin.The wash does not lather much.It also comes off very easily leaving the skin supple. It does not impart any sorts of dryness to the skin.The Sebamed baby wash also has an extra soft formula with allantoin to help protect against irritation, keeping baby’s delicate skin soft and smooth.

1.Very mild fragrance-I really like baby products which are low in the fragrance parameter, all because they should not twitch a little one’s nose! 🙂
2.Nice packaging- I love the soft pastel pink and blue colors used for their entire baby care range.
3.Alkali Free – This is one of the most important properties which pulls mothers to buy this product again and again for their little sunshine!

1.It is a bit pricey.But frankly speaking, if you would ask me, quality always comes with a price.However, I feel that because they ensure quality and its a medicated product, people wouldn’t mind doing that either.
2.The bottle should come with a dispenser, which makes dispensing the liquid easier and also travel-friendly.


As I said earlier the 200 ML bottle comes at a price of I.N.R. 400, which is slightly expensive in comparison to the other baby care range available in the market.But because their alkali and soap free nature in the products is something that is keep pulling customers to them.

As a mom, I always thought that Sebamed could be only used for extreme conditions- read -irritation or allergies in babies.But I was so wrong!! I am loving this product and bath times have become more enjoyable with our new buddy- the Sebamed Baby Wash.The very fact that it is an alkali-free product definitely wins hands down than any other product.We give it a 4.8/5.

P.S :
We were sent this product by Mom Bloggers Club India, but the views and opinions presented in this blog are completely mine.We only bartered for an honest review! 🙂

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  1. I am yet to try this one. I love the features you mentioned – both soap and alkali free is awesome! Will check it out 🙂

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