To Old Times

So, I am writing a blog after quite a long time. Argh , as much as I am trying to manage both blog and working full time, but sometimes motherhood happens.I hope you understood what I meant.There are days when I am so tired, that leave about blogging, I feel that I should get an extra hour in a day just to eat .I mean I do eat, but then eating or doing anything for that matter, half halfheartedly did well to no one -Right?

This post is all about, some old things which I experienced or they came flashing in my mind quite recently.Why I refer them as old things are because of the fact, that they are almost extinct now and are hardly seen.But I certainly miss them.I miss them for their simplicity and not being complex compared to what things and life are these days.Also as I grow older, I guess this was the best way to keep the memories intact by writing them down.And when Zuzu grows up, she will see these things through this tiny little blog post of mine.

Coming back to the topic again  listing down certain daily things which are ceasing to exist in today’s time:


1.PICKLE – Before you get me wrong, pickle is not going anywhere.But the traditional way of making pickle or the Achaar was a treat to watch for the eyes.My grand mom and even till a few years back my mother used to make pickle at home.And yes, that too in the traditional Burni.For those of you who don’t know, an Achar Burni is a container in which pickle is seasoned in natural light.It was during my summer vacations that I got to see my granny every day keeping out the pickle container in natural sunlight, for the fruit or the vegetable to break down and get tastier with the passing days.So it was a long awaited moment when my granny used to open the container and we used to relish it with Namkeen Wheat Paranthas.

post man.jpg

2.POSTMAN – Again, these are also not extinct species, but slowly they are dwindling as well, due to the rise of Super Fast Courier Companies which guarantee next day delivery.So the sudden though of postman came when I had been waiting for Zuzu’s passport, and yes it had to be delivered by the postman only, cos Indian Passport, so Indian Postal Services-You got it!Ever since I got the message that the passport printing is done, every day would pass in waiting for the postman to arrive and deliver the passport.The waiting game sure was an experience in this busy fast life of ours.

Grandson (8-9) receiving allowance from Grandfather

3.LITTLE TREATS FROM GRANNY- Of course, kids, get a treat from their grannies these days as well, but the simplicity is what takes me back to those times.My grandmother didn’t have a wallet and she used to keep the money inside a polyethene tucked safely either beneath the sofa or the bed mattress.So after having a good and gala time at her place in summer vacations when we used to leave for our home, she always used to give us some money.Yes, kids still get presents, candies from their grannies, but the aura and the emotion of that time is a different feeling altogether.Getting just a ten-rupee note would make us sorted at least for a good ten days.And the glaring looks which mom gave me, when we took money-Ha, ha , yes I can’t forget that as well.Old world charm!



4.TYPEWRITER- Typewriters are almost on the verge of dying.The places where they still exist till date are also gathering dust because of not getting used often.So, I recently went to Chandni Chowk- which is one of the oldest places of Delhi to buy some toys and books for Zuzu.The shop from which I got the most stuff belonged to an old man and his son.They go by the name of Makhija.I will try getting their address for those of you who would want to buy stuff from there.So I saw Mr. Makhija swiftly typing on the typewriter and I was in awe of that sight.It certainly brought back old memories, when as a leisure trip, mom used to take me to her office, and I had a good time pass by running my hands on the typewriter – but of course without the paper, because both paper and ink at that time were very expensive.


5.MECHANICAL MERRY GO ROUND AT THE DIWALI MELA – Much like the above things, this has not diminished entirely but it’s smarter cousin -The Electrical Merry Go Round has started to take its place slowly and steadily.I still remember the time when two or three men used to drive the swing and that left us in awe of them and scared also at the same time.Their talent of driving the swing by their feet simply amused me a lot.Not that I am fond of men pushing and working so just for a swing, but just a plain old memory which came sliding in my mind.

I consider myself fortunate enough because as an 80’s kid, I saw the 70’s which had just gone by and the revolutionary 90’s which brought so many new advances in the sphere of science and humanity.As a result, I relished both the periods.Not that I do not like this era, but going back into time and reminiscing about the past is a part of human nature and that is exactly what I have been doing and decided to write this post.They say ‘History Repeats Itself ‘ & ‘The Earth is Round’ -both the statements signify that thing repeat after a certain period of time!!
Well, I am happy living in that bubble for now.


3 thoughts on “To Old Times

  1. Ahhh what a beautiful and nostalgic post! Times are definitely changing so fast! Truly enjoyed reading this!

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