Zuzu at the zoo

I am sure the title sounds so sync to you as much as it does to me.So many Z’s, I guess.
We were planning to go the zoo, since quite some time, but just couldn’t make it.This was because the zoo was closed amid reports of a bird flu scare.As much as fellow Delhites were excited, I too was on cloud nine when the zoo reopened.I was really looking forward to it because the Delhi winters were nearing an end, and I wanted to make the most of it since winters are the only time open places look good in Delhi(Summers are terrible). I am sure fellow Delhites would love to echo my thought.I also wanted to take Zuzu to the zoo, because she knows most of the animal names and their sounds by now.I was literally taken aback by Zuzu, one fine day at the temple when she saw Lord Hanumanji and said monkey, referred to Lord Ganesha as elephant and even located their tiny little vehicle ‘Mooshak’ and squeaked mouse in extreme joy.That was the day I decide, that if not a sanctuary, for the time being, I should take her to the zoo for sure.


So, it was a Sunday when we planned the visit to the zoo.I think it was the second Sunday after the zoo ad opened after it got shut due to bird flu scare nearly two months ago.As we were on our way to the zoo, we encountered a huge traffic jam.I guess fellow Delhiites were as excited to see the animals, as I was with Zuzu.It took us nearly 1.5 hours to get our vehicle parked inside the premises, which otherwise would have taken 30 minutes.
We were well prepared for the long queues at the ticket counter, all thanks to the traffic jam, a tasted of which we had already got.Seeing so many people at one go, also made Zuzu uncomfortable for a little while, but she was all good after I handed her an ice cream.


When we finally got inside, I clicked some photographs for the initial period of time, for whom(of course for the blog)! Our first encounter was with this beautiful bird called Pelican. They were so beautiful and their red colored stained bodies made them the highlight of the day.I decided not to spend a major part seeing them as birds were the main cause of the flu and I didn’t want to take any chances(Mumma thoughts-Can be as weird or as haywire).The next highlight of the day was the Cheetah, and of course the Royal White Bengal Tiger.In between our entire stroll at the zoo, we stopped for another round of ice cream.I am not sure if there are any restaurants inside because the danger of people giving tit-bits of their leftover food to the animals is a concern to the zoo authorities.Moreover, they do not allow you to carry any eatables inside.


A disappointment which I faced in the zoo, was that there weren’t any reptiles.Not that I am fascinated by them, in fact, I am all the more scared of them. But like they say ‘Things which scare you, also make you go closer to them and explore them. A similar example like this is ‘Horror Movies’ also. I know I can be weird be sometimes.I also struggled with Zuzu because every time we came to an animal enclosure, we would have to pick her out of the pram into our arms, and then make her see the animal.And she just wouldn’t let us move from one enclosure to the other.I guess she was intrigued by the animals to quite an extent.


Well, after  2.5 hours our first zoo visit finally came to an end.Zuzu enjoyed a lot because it was hard to move from one enclosure to the other, and she wailed like anything when we did that.I want to plan a visit soon, but I am waiting for her to grow up a bit, wherein she will not be just running around, but listen to me and understand as well.


Some of the tips which I would give you here are:

1.If you are going to the Delhi Zoo, please do not carry any eatable, as they are bound to get thrown away by the zoo authorities.I am not sure, of the milk bottle if you are traveling with an infant, but it’s better to check before leaving from home.
2.Always carry a stroller or a baby carrier, if you feel you cannot carry the baby in your arms for long.This is because, the zoo, is quite big and it will take you close to 3 hours to complete it and see each and every animal if you don’t wanna miss any of them.We, on the other hand, gave many of them a miss.I guess there’s always a second time.
3.Pack light, in case it is necessary for you to do so.
4.Wear comfortable clothes and shoes – again because there is a lot of walking involved.



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