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I was recently contacted by the Soul team through Instagram.They asked me whether I use baby carrier, to which I replied that I had not been much into baby wearing and my daughter had already turned two.Plus I didn’t think my hyper active toddler girl would like to be carried around now, given that I hadn’t done that earlier as well.They then recommended me to go through the SoulSlings site and have a look at the products , so that they could send some of them.I had a look at their website and I loved their shawls and scarves especially the Ikat prints.Soul was kind enough to send me some goodies, in spite of the fact that they dealt primarily in Carriers.I mean they do design other stuff as well, but Soul was born with the purpose of making baby wearing more comfortable.I will be sharing their story later in this post only.


I was following Soul on Instagram for quite some time, but never could go through their site nor read about them.Then one fine day , when they contacted  me, I finally stumbled upon their site.Not as a shopper , but as an avid reader I first went to their ‘Our Story’ tab.As a mom I always try to read about the brand, their story before even browsing the products section.And this wasn’t new either.Soul was founded because Chinmayee(the founder of soul ) had already tried many famous international brands as far as carriers were  concerned.But these carriers weren’t just meant for the Indian tropical climate( the hard padding made the baby sweat and uncomfortable), and also there weren’t many options available in the Indian market.That is when she came up with Soul(a locally made product).


What we received in the Packet:
The soul team sent out the following products to us:

1.SKY IKAT COTTON SCARF- This particular scarf is made from the same cloth which is used in the Soul Carriers.The best part about this is it is made from 100% cotton, so it will only help during the sweltering summers .You can use it as a cover in summers, while it can serve as an accessory during winters.
2.FULL MOON IKAT SOFT SOUL – I was particularly excited to see this.This is the perfect booties for kids as they are soft and at the same time keep you warm as well.Since Delhi is still cooler than what it generally is , my little bubs is wearing them at home, and enjoying the comfort.I am not sure how well they will go in , when the temperatures soar further up here north.I will put to test then as well.Best part about them is that they are ideal to slip on and the elastic at the back helps in better fastening.Though whenever my bubs wears them, she feels she is wearing shoes.And because she has a mindset that whenever we wear shoes we need to step out of the house-So yes that’s the other side of the story . 🙂
Again these are also pure cotton, so hands down this product takes my heart or rather Soul  🙂


3.FULL MOON & SKY IKAT SLING BAG – These too are made up of 100%cotton  .The best part about these is that they are reversible, so you can always reverse them according to your dresses and wear it.These bags are sturdy and they remind me of the bags which Rani Mukherjee flaunted in the famous Bollywood movie ‘Bunty Aur Babli’. One thing I would recommend here to Souls is to incorporate a chain for this one.This is because as mothers , and especially mothers to either new born or toddlers , we tend to stuff our bags without even looking into it and forgetting thereafter , that did we even really put something in it-MOM’s MEMORY!! you see. So in order we just dump our things into the bag and fastened it using a chain , would be really great, so that we do not lose out on the things which have been transferred.I am a big fan of hand loom textiles and Indian prints, so this bag has definitely become my favorite now.


As already mentioned above , I love hand loom textiles and Indian prints.Even if you open my wardrobe today, you would find tonnes of Cotton kurtas which have a touch of local imprint on them(Be it Tie and Dye, Ikats or Warli). The Soul goodies just came as an enhancement to my already existing love for Indian prints.As far as the quality is concerned, they are 100%  pure cotton(nothing mixed). This quality makes them sustainable in tropical Indian climate.Only recommendation required here is to put zips or chains in the sling bags.Another product recommendation is that I would love to see them come up with back packs for mommies.They have a wide variety of designs to choose from.The best part is all are soothing colors -again a quality which goes in sync with the Indian weathers and not ‘in your eyes‘ colors
Last but not the least , I support them because they are – MADE IN INDIA

Another fact which I liked is that they support local and fair-trade practices, small-scale artisans and weavers by working closely with cooperatives and non-profit organizations.

Yes I would definitely recommend it.Number one reason being they are ‘MADE IN INDIA’. I hope you guys can now comment on my fixation on ‘MADE IN INDIA’ products .:) .They support local artisans and fare trade practices.Because they are made of 100% cotton, it makes them suitable for usage in harsh tropical climates of India.In fact that is the story behind Soul.



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