Top 8 tips for choosing a day care for your child

The very thought of leaving your little on under the supervision of a third person gives many parents a jittery feeling .This third person could either be a help employed at home, or the ones at a day care.Day cares are becoming the necessity of the hour  , as more mothers prefer to work after their maternity or sabbatical breaks and also because of the rise of nuclear families.While some kids start going to the day care as young as nine months, when they are introduced to solids, others start off after two years of age.While some kids are looked by their grandparents at home, there are still a majority of families where in the grandparents are either too old or in some other part of the city, as  a result parents have to turn to day care centers.Choosing a right day care is particularly important because the kid is going to spend a major part of the day there, and this will also in due course of time hone her skills in preparing for the formal school as well for the society.Here is our top 8 tips for choosing the right day care for your little one.




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