Top 10 tips for new born baby care

Childbirth is a time which every mother looks forward to. Nothing brings more joy to a family than the birth of a newborn. The joy of holding the little one in your hands is beyond explanation. While the family celebrates the arrival of a new baby at home, mothers often get tense with all this. This is because there is a lot to be done as far as care of the baby is concerned which involves feeding, bathing, massaging among other things. New mothers are often confused because they get all sorts of advice right from doctors, to family and friends as well. Sometimes these advise often contradict each other which leaves her more bewildered than ever. While some women are lucky and they get a help of their elders within the joint family, others have to manage it with only their husbands by their side. Newborn care is not as difficult as it sounds initially, with just some handy tips and tricks it is sure to become a cakewalk for new mommies.



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