3 Quick-Fix Power BreakFast Foods That Keep My Little Girl Energetic!

As a working mom with a nine-to-five job and a toddler girl to tend to, mornings are my busiest time of the day. I wake up, take a bath, get ready and rush to the kitchen to prepare meals for my little girl – breakfast and lunch. I am hence always on the lookout for new recipes which are delicious as well as high on nutritive content. It also helps a lot if the recipes are easy to make and fall in the category of ‘quick-fix’.

While I keep on experimenting with different recipes every couple of months or so, there are 3 basic power packed foods which I swear by. I have been giving them to my little girl ever since she was introduced to solids. Moreover, the best part is – she doesn’t easily tire of them.

I like to call these 3 recipes ‘Power Breakfast Foods’, because –

1. They are high on nutritive content.

2. They are filling and keep my child satiated for good 2 hours or so.

3. They are also energy-packed and help my girl keep up her energy levels.

4. Finally, they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and lipids, which possess endless benefits for growing.

So here are my power foods which I serve to my little girl, at least 4 times a week:

1. Sweet Dalia (Broken Wheat) with Milk –
Broken wheat is high in fibre content, and we all know how good fibre is for the body, especially for bowel movement. It will also help alleviate problem of gas and constipation in your child. Broken wheat is also high on potassium content. Potassium promotes heart function, strengthens the bones and aids in the CONTINUE READING.

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