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Like every other mother, I was also very cautious and mindful of the products I choose for my little one.This is because you want to be the last person on this earth who wants to see their children suffering from some allergy due to a bad product or a product consisting of harmful chemicals.

Team MamaEarth sent us some products to review.The kit consisted of the following:

1.Gentle cleansing shampoo

2.Natural Insect Repellant

3.Moisturizing daily lotion

4.Soothing massage oil

A lot of products are found to have carcinogens, developmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, fire retardants. These can a have a very bad effect on the body in the long run. MamaEarth ahs come up with safe,effective and gentle products for age group 0-5 years.MamaEarth products as mentioned on their site are natural and certified safe products for little one.They have the MadeSafe seal as well.The MadeSafe seal means that a product is literally made with safe ingredients that are not known or suspected to cause human health or environmental harm.They are 100% toxin free and are made without toxic chemicals.

Before trying and agreeing to get the MamaEarth kit from the MamaEarth team, I had read a lot about them.I would not shy away from saying this because it is a completely new product and like any other inquisitive mother, I also had apprehensions of using it for my little one.Thus I  read about them, their story and what exactly does MadeSafe mean.What made my belief stronger in them, was that it is a product crafted by parents. :).Finally, after some weeks, I decided to use the products on my little one.

Price :

300 for 200 ml.

My Experience with MamaEarth Products:

Till now, I have used the cleansing shampoo and moisturizing lotion.It will be one week since we have been using it.The shampoo is transparent and its fragrance is very similar to that of neem and very organic.However, it does not have neem I believe.The key element for that kind of fragrance is Lavender oil as specified on the packaging.Frankly speaking, I was most skeptical of using a shampoo. This is not with MamaEarth, but also with previous products I had been using.That is probably because, hair is something I do not want to mess around with :), moreover its a baby girl :). The shampoo had good lathering consistency, and the toddler’s hair looked rather better and softer than before. I know silky would be an overstatement to be used in case of babies, but yes her hair felt better than before.I hope silky and good hair are here to stay. :)The lotion does not have a very thick consistency when you touch it, a quality I rather liked .. However once applied on the body, it takes a little effort to spread across.What I liked most about it was it immediately gets absorbed and locks to the skin easily.It’s fragrance reminds me of Saunf (Fennel).It hydrates the skin well.

What I Liked about MamaEarth Products:

That thing mentioned as 100% toxin free is one thing which will pull me towards them from buying their products again.

My Ratings:

I would definitely give it a 4/5 since they are toxin free.The fragrance of shampoo could have been a made a little more kid friendly.By kid friendly, I mean a little more pleasing to noses of little ones :). They could have also gone a little low on the price say about between I.N.R. 250-I.N.R 275 for a bottle of 200 ml.(On a side note I feel that quality always comes with a price ) :).One thing I would like to recommend to them is that they should also come with face cream for babies since there is not a lot of variety present in that category in the market.I loved the packaging.The package comes with a cute animal made on the bottle.Bathing time has become fun with them, now that my toddler girl has started to speak and knows the animals and has even named them.I am yet to use the massage oil and insect repellent.Will use them and review here only.

Disclaimer :

This product was sent to me for an honest review and my opinions on MamaEarth products.I was not paid to do them.These are my honest reviews after using the products on my toddler girl.

You can purchase MamaEarth Products from and

You can read more about Mamaearth here:


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