Let them be Little

So today’s post is all about letting kids learn and explore.The idea of today’s post came in my mind, because of a funny incident which happened a few days ago.

As per my daily routine, after her play time at the nearby park, I was taking Zuzu to the temple.The wedding season is going on in Delhi, and all over we can hear the bands and the DJ playing some groovy and peppy numbers. On our way, we came across one such tent set-up.I guess it was some Mehndi function. A very popular Punjabi number was being played by the DJ.The very next moment, Zuzu stopped, let my hand off from her hand and started tapping her feet and raised her hands and attempted to do the ‘Balle Balle’ step.I was pleasantly surprised, and let her stand there and shake a leg.So, like a good mother I did not stop her from doing that.I could have done that easily, sighting the reason, that the roads are definitely not a place to dance or let’s hurry and go to the temple.Seeing Zuzu dance just like that made me squeal and jump in joy and happiness.I guess that is the thing with kids and little ones.They hardly care about anyone, and generally, do what gives them joy.

So as the title says ‘ Let them be little’.For me the title – let the kids be little, by little I do not mean in a physical sense, but  in a logical sense.It is because when kids are little, they are the most inquisitive,playful,curious and happy.

A lot of parents, including me as well, prevent our kids from doing something or the other, which we feel is not right.For children, experiencing things is a major role player in setting them up for future.The only way they can learn new things is by exploring and getting involved.Even well-known washing powders these days are promoting this thought process. They are pressing onto their Product Motto of ‘Daag Achhe Hainn’- which literally translates to ‘Stains are good’. On a broader level it is trying to convey the message that ‘Let your kids play in the dirt, let them embrace the dirt and get messy’- In other words ‘Let them be little’.

Another activity of Zuzu which prompted me to write this blog is- Whenever she sees me ironing clothes, she asks for another iron for herself, along with a set of clothes which she can iron.I have kept an old iron for the same purpose.When I saw this inquisitive nature of Zuzu, another thought sprouted in my mind-Do toddler boys also do pretend play with iron and a set of clothes. I was so curious, to know the answer to this question, that I asked my sister-in-law who has a son for an answer.She then said no that her son did not do, as he had not seen anyone in the house ironing clothes.I then asked a very dear friend of mine, who has a nephew.She then told me that yes he also does Pretend Play with Iron.So all I am trying to say by ‘Pretend Play Iron’  story is that girls or boys – let them do whatever they want to do. There is no such thing as girls task or a boys task.Seek what they enjoy doing the most, and let them be.

Kids – both boys and girls love to hold the cleaning broom and sweep the entire house, even at places where it is not required. 🙂 As parents we often snatch away the broom from them, advising that it is not a good thing to do.However I feel, that they are learning the basic etiquette of cleaning and are starting early-Frankly speaking, I do not see any harm in it.

By turning the light switch on and off over and over again, the toddler is learning about cause and effect. Of course this should be limited, otherwise, you would have a home of faulty switches, and you would definitely not like it.It is by experimentation only, a child discovers the sweetness of chocolates and bitterness of lemons.

Let them eat with their hands -I know table manners are equally important.But once in a while if they use their hands for eating ,it is absolutely alright. 🙂

Some of the things which I would like to highlight are:

1.Nourish your child’s curiosity.

2.By letting them do what they want to do, we are giving them the freedom to explore their own world or whatever life throws at them.

3.Letting children play alone, helps them develop crucial skills.

4. Do not make a fixed pattern for your child, let them follow a path unknown.Play should not be structured all the time.

5.Exploring is vital for physical, social and emotional growth

Yes all of us want to make sure our child is safe, and it is difficult to let them go, but they also need to be able to experience the world.Let us not be so overprotective of them, that they become adults who are not ready to take on the risks of the world.Let the children play, it is good for them.Every child must be given the freedom to explore so that he/she can evolve .Learning, this ways will definitely be fun, otherwise you are depriving your child.


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