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Travel tips for toddler moms


We went for a holiday to the Andaman and Nicobar islands in the month of September.It was Zuzu’s second flight experience.Frankly ,speaking it wasn’t good for her.This is because she was very cranky all through the flight.It was probably because her ears might be aching during the flight.

For the entire flight duration, I sat at the tail of the aircraft where the flight attendants sit.Crying would be a sober word if I had to use .Am I allowed to use the word ‘howl’ over here?Ha ha..No kidding , but jokes apart I tried to calm her down by swinging her in my arms and singing nursery rhymes.I also kept her busy by giving her candies so that she could suck them , and get some relief from the aching ears.

Here are some tips which I followed while traveling with a toddler :

  • The Diaper bag should be packed with extra diapers and wipes , and some poly packs for disposing of  the soiled diapers.
  • I didn’t carry a blanket , as most airline carriers provide a blanket .
  • Pack in some extra candies and chocolates for the trip.
  • The diaper bag should have an extra set of clothes , just in case the one which the toddler is wearing might get dirty.
  • Sippers and cups of milk and water should be packed accordingly.In case you are a breastfeeding mom, a breastfeeding shawl or scarf would be really helpful.
  • Your child’s favorite toy and books will also act as a great mind diverting thing if the child is cranky or is unable to settle down in the flight( I forgot this one, so the only thing I had was my cellphone and Youtube came in handy , as I had saved some nursery rhymes in offline mode).
  • Cotton is a must so that you can stuff them in the toddler’s ears  so that the effect of changing cabin pressure is not as painful on the little one.I personally had stuffed a lot of cotton in my bag , as I myself have a history of extreme pain in my ears due to change in cabin pressure.

The above picture is from Ross Island in Andamans.

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