To Greener Pastures

So this is an excerpt from my Instagram story.

I was deleting the photographs on my phone as I was running out of storage on it today.And I found with every picture of Zuzu , there’s this one picture in which she has her back to me and is running away from me.These pictures remind that she will be a big girl one day and will fly to greener pastures.

So when Zuzu grows up to be one fine lady , she will go away from me.This does not have to be necessarily for marriage ,like every Indian mom thinks , but for education , career or whatever interests her in life.I don’t know why I am writing all this, but these pictures speak out that emotion for me at least.The very thought that your child is not going to be with you scares almost every parent.But as a parent,  we should be careful of what our kids want to do in their lives and we should respect it and support them wholeheartedly.As a parent, would do the same for Zuzu, as long as she is doing the right things and taking the right decisions.

I know it’s a little early to think about all this, but I wanted to write and pen down my current state of mind.

At this point of time , I can recall a famous saying ‘There are two gifts we should give to our children-‘One is Roots and the other is Wings‘.

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3 thoughts on “To Greener Pastures

  1. OOhh mommy… After baby time flies… Ira is already 28 months old… there will come a day when she flies or sails around the globe and I don’t know how to let her go

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