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Delhi Winters

So , the Delhi winters started this year with the onset of the harmful smog. Delhi witnessed a haze of smog which had enveloped the entire city right after Diwali-which is a Hindu festival which is celebrated with great pomp and show in India.

For almost 10 days the entire city was covered with a harmful layer of smog.News advisory was given to stay indoors and avoid any kind of exercises in the evening or early morning.

During those times I avoided taking Zuzu out for evening strolls to the nearby park , which is her current favorite spot.Thankfully Zuzu didn’t contract any of the smog-related health problems .She had her Hepatitis A vaccine last Saturday .I decided that I would make her immune system more strong naturally and not by flu shots.However, I was wrong in doing so , and the very next day Zuz contracted severe chest congestion and high fever.So I would suggest all moms reading this blog post to give compulsory flu shots to their kids at least up to 2 years of age, and not take a risk like I did.Of course, home remedies and going all natural to boost the immune system is good, but that can be tried after 2 years of age.

This time the Delhi winters are well in time , unlike the last year ,where in we didn’t have good winters.By good winters , all the people from Delhi would understand what I mean.

So this morning I decided to take out Zuzu(Varanya’s ) woolens from the closet .




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