So this is my debut .I always wanted to write , but things never materialized.As a student, I was always fond of writing.Writing for editorials , where in the newspapers used to ask for public opinions, I always used to write a small write-up for them.And fortunately ,some of them even got published in leading daily newspapers.

So here I am , a few years later, back to it again-what I loved the most at one point of time in my life.However ,things have now changed.I now have a baby girl who will turn 2 years in another 1 month.

In these blogs ,I would be sharing my daily posts and experiences .These blogs will revolve around mine as well as Varanya or Zuzu as we call her fondly at home.We will be sharing some stories of our daily lives.So it will be all like food, parenting, my life.Oh yes by the way I forgot to mention I am an I.T. professional , and currently I am juggling my life between Varanya and  work.

The blog thing is of course an additional thing which I wanted to take up , so that I could pen down my feelings and thoughts on  various spheres of life.

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5 thoughts on “Debut

  1. Keep it up lady.

    I have seen the three phases of your life starting from the girlhood, a married woman and then a mom. Finally you are playing urself which is really important!! Best of luck!!

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